How to rekindle your passion for photography when you’re feeling sick of it

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Have you ever been tired of photography? I know I’m doing that, and it’s come to the point of thinking about selling all my gear lately. I wasn’t inspired and didn’t have to take pictures at all. When someone called me a photographer, I felt a bit like a scam.

Are you familiar? Did you think so too? If this video from Mark Denny is what you need to watch today. It’s the right time for me, and I hope it gives you the guidance and inspiration you need.

Whether we’re professionals or just lovers, we all feel tired of photography. But if you’re particularly focused on a particular genre or style, I think more will happen to those who do it to make a living. At this point, you need to make a decision. As Mark says, there are three paths you can take: (for now) stop and take a very long break from the photo shoot. I hope you continue to do what you are doing and have a better day. Or stick to your photo, but change something. There is no wrong answer here, and you can choose the one that suits you best. However, Mark considers the third option to be the best option.

Do something different

Getting out of your comfort zone and out of your “box” is a valuable experience and can be a source of new inspiration. Suppose you want to shoot only the landscape like Mark. Try using a telephoto lens and focus on the details. Normally, if your photo contains the sky, try shooting only the scene without the sky. You can refresh your mood with just a few changes to your normal approach.

Alternatively, you can completely change the genre. When shooting a wedding, take street photos and landscape photos. The important thing is to challenge yourself and explore unfamiliar genres and techniques. Decide on one or some of these challenges …

Start the project

If you work full-time as a photographer, the “project” may want you to look back and escape from this article. But wait, don’t go! If it’s your personal project, something you thought about yourself, it would really be fun. The point of making it a project is to maintain consistency and dedication. Plan ahead, write down your ideas, and give yourself a timeline about when to complete. Thus, you not only have the structure, but you have something to move you forward.

Notes for hobby photographers

I would like to add this part as a hobbyist who does not make a living from photography. Over the past year or two, I’ve been obsessed with so many other hobbies that I ignore photography. On the other hand, I feel guilty about not taking a picture because I recognize that photography is an important part of my identity. But on the other hand, my creativity seems to be moving in a completely different direction. I’m inspired to make jewelry, embroidery, and all sorts of small items from clay, concrete, and plaster. I started making natural cosmetics myself. My friend is joking that I may have ADHD, but I think I’m just trying to find myself. Also..

If you are in a similar situation, I say leave it alone. Be creative and explore all your hobbies and interests. As with photography, gear isn’t that important if you’re just playing around and experimenting, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the most luxurious equipment, regardless of your hobby.

If you’re tired of photography and don’t have hundreds of millions of other hobbies like me, it’s perfectly fine and perfectly normal. It all comes down to making decisions from the beginning of this article. What I personally try to do is what Mark suggests. Change something and think about a project you can work on. But whatever you decide, take it easy on yourself and believe that your creativity will somehow come back!

[I’m Sick of Landscape Photography | Mark Denney]

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