How to Solve All Paintings + Locations

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Elden Ring paintings allow players to move away from combat and dive into more scenic-themed quests.

It is a well-known fact that Elden Ring will be punished. Despite being rated by Open Critic as the best game of all time, Elden Ring isn’t for the timid.

From time to time, you will come across certain items that do not provide an explanation during your trip. In most cases, they are very helpful and offer cool rewards.

One of these items is the painting you encounter at Elden Ring. If you solve the puzzles behind them, these offer cool rewards.

Here you can find them all and there is a way to solve them!

Are you in trouble because your health is too bad? Finding all the golden seeds is the key to improving healing at Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Painting


All Elden Ring Painting Solutions and Locations

Essentially what you are looking for is the ghost of the painter when they created their work of art.

The painting shows you the place, and you have to find this perspective.

When you find it, there is an artist’s ghost in a chair that disappears and leaves a reward in the ashes kagura.

Elden Ring Painter
The ghost disappears and your reward is revealed.


Homing Instinct Painting Location + Guide

Players can find Homing Instinct Painting in Limgrave’s Artist’s Shack. This is one of the simplest paintings you can find at Elden Ring.

The easiest way to get here is to head to Grace’s Aguil Hubei site. Follow the eastern road until you cross the bridge.

From here, there is a fork on the road. Go left on the pass and continue north. Don’t stay on the road! Eventually, you’ll come across Artist’s Shack.

Elden Ring Homing Instinct

To the west of Limgrave is a spectral artist. Head north to the Grace Site of the Seaside Ruins. You will see a spectrum staring at some tombstones.

They reward you Scarab helmet of the spell..

Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painter

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Prophecy picture location + guide

Players can find a picture of the prophecy at Stormvale Castle. If you want to access the castle, you must first defeat Fel Omen’s Margit!

There is a picture of the prophecy in the courtyard just before the Godrick the Graft boss fights. Head south from the Lifeside Chamber Sight of Grace to where the giants and rotten stray dogs are. If you look to the right, you should see the door leading to the library.

Here is a picture.

Elden Ring Prophecy Painting

You can find spectral artists on the Weeping Peninsula. Heading to the Pilgrimage Church on the north side of the map, the ghost of the artist appears on the edge of the cliff.

They reward you Hawk ashes..

Elden RIng's place of prophecy

Resurrection Painting Location + Guide

The painting of the resurrection is in the lake Liurna in the artist’s hut. Head to the Liurna Highway North Site of Grace. From here, follow the road heading northwest. As you continue down the road, you will eventually come across an artist’s hut.

Here is a picture of the resurrection.

Revival of Elden Ring

Ghost ghosts can be found in Kalia Manor, northeast of the lake Riurna. The same site where you can find the coveted Night & Flame Sword. The ghost is in the graveyard northeast of Kalia Manor.

It is recommended to level up the flask before entering it, as it can only be accessed after defeating the Royal Nitroletta. You will need all the healing you can get.

After the battle, head east through the now unlocked arch road. There is a ghost near the tombstone in the graveyard.

They reward you Boy scholar’s hat, boy scholar’s robe, and larval tears You can use this to respecify your character.

Resurrection painter Elden Ring

You may want to redesignate your character more often than you think. Make sure you know where to find the tears of all the larvae!

Redmane Painting Location + Guide

Redmane paintings will be one of the most difficult paintings to solve at Elden RIng. To find the painting, you need to travel to Caelid. Therefore, the enemies here can punish newcomers, so you need to already have a fairly powerful weapon.

You will want to fast travel under the stairs of Celia. From here, go up the stairs and turn right and you will see the ruins on your left. You can see the picture under the arch.

Elden Ring Redman Painting

Redmane painters will use several platforms. So be prepared to die to deal damage several times. Go to the Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace and head towards the Minor Erdtree. From here, you’ll see some broken pot enemies.

If you go to the southern area of ​​the area, you can see the roots from the cliffs.

Redman Painting Elden Ring

Jump on it and head towards other roots. It is advisable to start on foot and ride a horse once you reach the platform of the two pillars.

When you get off, you will see a cliff overlooking the battlefield. But be aware that there are brutal giants here. The artist’s ghost is near the edge of the cliff.

They reward you Arrow Rain Ash of War.

Elden Ring Painter

Have you met Starscrouage Radahn? It is recommended to level up before leveling up.

Champion song picture location + guide

The picture of the champion’s song is in the shaded castle. Head east on the stone path to The Shaded Castle Ramparts Site of Grace.

Follow it until you encounter the open area on the left where the stone pillars are lowering you. There are several skeletal enemies and slugs here. Looking east, you can see the wooden platform. Go up towards the stairs.

Here is a picture.

Elden Ring Champion Song Painting

To find the ghosts of Champion’s Song artists, you need to go to the Rampartside Path Site of Grace. From here, head east until a lightning bolt appears around the bright yellow flowers.

From here, you’ll want to ride the cliff behind, so you can jump up close until you see the rocks. If you go to the corner of the cliff, you can see the ghost of the painter here.

They reward you Harp Bow..

Elden Ring Rampartside Path

Lands Between is huge. Finding the Locations of All Sites of Grace Knowing where to find these pictures will be much easier!

Flightless bird painting location + guide

Finding a picture of a flightless bird is relatively easy if you have a fortified mansion on the ground floor of Grace, as you are in the same room. But if you haven’t done so already, head to the West Capital Lampert Site of Grace and head north for a small path.

From here, look to the left. You should see a huge door at the bottom level. Make your way here. Once inside, proceed towards the door on the right and follow it until you reach the fortified manners of Grace’s ground floor site.

The painting is right there.

Elden Ring A picture of a flightless bird

The flightless bird painter is located north of the windmill village, at the end of the path here. If this is your first time, be aware that there is a deadly Godskin Apostle boss.

Defeat them and activate the Windmill Heights Site of Grace. From here, head southeast and meet a group of enemies dancing with pink petals. The painter is on the edge of a cliff.

They reward you Fire mortal sin spell.

Elden Ring Bird Painter

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Wizard’s picture location + guide

Sorcerer Painting is located in the mountains of the Giants, one of Elden Ring’s end-game areas. To get there, you’ll have to defeat the Mogot Omen King, but it’s not that simple.

It does a lot of evasion, so it’s a good idea to consider equipping it with Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War. You need to go to Grace’s Castle Sol main gate site. From here, you need to enter the castle and defeat the two lion beasts with your sword.

It can be a bit complicated, but if you want to skip it, dodge the spikes on the left. From here, go up the stairs and go to the right. There is a room with slugs on the left side. Climb the ladder inside.

After climbing the roof, follow the road. Encounter enemies in a spectrum that can disappear and baristas that fire exploding arrows. Dodge the road until the end when you can see the ladder down.

Get off the ladder. The painting is right there.

EldenRIngSorcerer painting location

To get the Sorcerer Painter, you need to head south of Castle Sol. Fast travel to the site of Grace’s Frozen Lake. Head straight north to the cliff and then west. You will see a stone bridge on your left.

Cross the first stone bridge and head west. Eventually, you’ll come across near the edge of a cliff. Head to the center and face the side overlooking the frozen river.

Here is the ghost of the painter.They reward you Great Hood Peace..

Elden Ring Sorcerer Painter

Once you’ve found all the pictures, it’s a good idea to make sure that all bell bearing locations are organized.

These will allow you to buy more items from Twins on Round Table Hold.

Elden Ring Build Guide:

If you decide to find all these places, you will find many difficult enemies your way. Check out all the build guides to make sure you have the right weapon for your attributes.

Build guide:

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