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A few years ago, I went into a dark place mentally and became clinically obese. I encouraged you to write a popular article about how photowalking helped you lose weight. Phoblographer discusses self-care with a variety of people. It’s summer in America right now, so I think it’s time to talk about training for photographers. So we talked to some great photographers about how they keep their shape.

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How Ian Petty Glue Stays Healthy While Fighting Physical Condition

  • yoga
  • Weight exercise
  • Cardio
  • weight

“Personally, I tried to stay healthy by exercising at home during the blockade, but I recently joined the gym again,” photographer Ian Pettigrew told The Phoblographer in an interview. “I try weights and cardio about four times a week.” Ian shares what he struggled to learn how important it is to stay healthy. It is absolutely necessary to know his history.

Over the years, I interviewed many photographers and made friends with them. Ian Pettigrew is one of them. He is the mastermind behind The Phoblographer’s current logo. Based in Canada, Ian is also the most well-known and award-winning photographer in two books featuring adults with cystic fibrosis. That said, his health is important to him because he himself has a few cases of cystic fibrosis. He has undertaken various projects and fundraising activities to raise awareness and support people in this state. In my understanding, not everyone he photographed survived. But Ian has told me several times that he is lucky.

“Hiking the terrain to reach the waterfall while carrying equipment is never fun.”

Ian Petty Glue

So how else does he keep his best? Ian recommends a lot of stretching and yoga. He also finds simple weight exercises useful and is some of the best training for photographers. Since Ian is one of the photographers who often crouch, he reports that his legs put a strain on his hips as well as his photography. “It’s very important to have a strong core,” says Ian, who admits he’s getting older. “And as you get older, other illnesses start, so you’ll need all this. If you’re like me and you’re starting to get arthritis, having a camera all day also puts a strain on your hands. There is a possibility of calling. ”

Desiree DeSade is a photographer and burlesque dancer

  • Yoga (3 times a week)
  • Pilates
  • Free weight strength training
  • Burlesque dance

“… I think it’s pretty difficult to fit into a fitness routine, but I really feel that it’s too long without exercising because I play and play on both sides of the camera,” says photographer Desiree DeSade. “I’ve been doing yoga for 20 years and it feels great to be honest when I do it three times a week.” Desiree juggled a part-time gig and rescheduled his nightlife. I am. She is a New York-based burlesque performer and photographer specializing in portraits and live events. She is currently working on two ongoing series. One features projection and the other features her FX make-up skills.

Desiree (@ takes portraits from his studio and location at home. She also shoots events in Manhattan several times a week. She often does multiple gigs a day. “… I always have gear on my shoulders, go through my eyes, crawl on the floor, and her assistant gets the best angle without help,” says Desiree. “Because my flexibility and endurance are important, my strength yoga routine at home is my recourse, core strength and resistance training with free weights to add upper and lower body bodywork. There is also Pilates for. “Is this sound familiar? As Desiree shows, yoga-like training for photographers is worth the time.

Indeed, the waist can be a problem for photographers. Many of us stand up for a while and spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. Stretching that area is very important. Indeed, Desiree says her back isn’t what she used to be, and she sometimes feels a lot of pain. That’s why she says she values ​​the strength of many cores.

When she goes to the gig, Desiree uses a shoulder bag. She feels more comfortable than her backpack when she walks from site to site for long periods of time. “… Still, it means the pain in the back right shoulder and the tightness of the lower back and calves by walking in a way that compensates for the weight imbalance,” says Desiree. “The last thing you need to do when dancing on your heels is calf pain. The shoulders in your butt are certainly bad for feather fan choreography, so use a heat pack to stretch and rest those areas as needed. It’s important to be able to recover. “

Chris Burkard’s job requires a lot of physical strength

  • HIIT
  • cycling
  • running
  • 20-30 minutes yoga

“Usually I do my best to do an hour of exercise every day. I usually do morning HIIT type training, cycling and running,” says star photographer Chris Burkard. “After that, I often add 20-30 minutes of yoga classes to keep my back and shoulders open. Not only do I carry heavy luggage in the pack, but I always travel, fly, and car on long drives. It is very important for a photographer sitting in to do yoga-specific hip and back opening classes. ”Certainly, this is how Chris Barcard is such a skilled photographer. , Creative director, speech, and part of the official as a writer. He is an incredibly famous photographer and has some very famous photographs on his web.

Chris (@chrisburkard)’s fitness regimen has evolved over the years. He spends a lot of time chasing professional athletes, so he needs to have a decent level of fitness on his own. His secret is the combination of aerobic exercise and strength and stretching. And overall, these seem to be recommended training for photographers.

As we’ve seen, photographers often do the same thing a lot. There is a combination of strength training, stretching, and some aerobic exercise. Cardio can help you lose weight when combined with a moderate diet. Stretching helps you avoid pain when shooting. And strength is converted into endurance for long shots.

How do you stay healthy as a photographer? It’s curious and ecstatic to hear from you in the comments!

All images provided with the permission of the photographer.


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