Huda Kattan on NFTs: ‘I’ve not been this excited about a space since the launch of social media’ – News

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Cosmetology entrepreneur and social media star Fudacatan believes that women can gain financial independence by understanding and investing in this area.

By Sujata Assomull

Release: Friday, April 15, 2022 2:06 pm

Did you notice that the image of Fudakatan displayed on her Instagram is an avatar? Beauty Boss is the industry’s next big trend by launching its own Clean Beauty Line Wishful shortly before the pandemic and investing in the region’s leading pre-owned digital high fashion platform, the Luxury Closet. I’m always looking at. , Through HudaBeauty Investments. She is seeing an increasing number of entrepreneurs considering non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It all started through her husband — and now she’s crazy, as you can see from her social media account. She recently released a YouTube video called “An Easy Way to Understand NFTs.” For Kattan, NFTs are an easy way to gain financial independence if women understand how to invest in it. One of the strongest supporters of the virtual world in the region, she talks about her interest in this space and her future prospects.

Edited excerpt from the interview:

How did you first join the NFT?

I introduced NFT about 7 months before my husband started buying NFT. At first, I was skeptical because I didn’t understand the benefits of NFT, but when I was given my first work, I became absorbed in the world of NFT. As I learned and digged deeper, I became more and more interested in joining NFTs and sharing what I learned in the process with the community.

You say that women can be financially empowered through NFTs, but do you think they are easier to understand than stocks?

To some extent, that’s right. They are very different. For now, both are types of investment, so I think people are comparing them to stocks. But NFTs are very different. There are many stocks that can affect their value. There is a public perspective and there is also a financial position for the business. There are many factors when it comes to stocks, but NFTs are community-based. The space is still new and there’s a lot of information on Twitter and YouTube, so I think they’re easier to get in. So you can definitely feel the connection and learn more.

I think you asked your husband to give you only NFTs. Tell us about this idea and the most special NFT he gave you.

I didn’t tell him to do that, he was a great person and he understood how important both sides were, so he did it himself. NFTs can be gifts and can be assets that can have many implications behind them. My favorite NFT he gave me was created by an artist who is an older woman. She created an NFT as a homage to her parents who passed away and had a great love story. And she actually designed an NFT that recreated the gift her father gave to her mother, and my husband gave it to me for Valentine’s Day. He has given me NFTs since my birthday in October. He gave me the first World of Women work and she looked like me. I think it’s definitely something special. It’s an asset and a gift. And that’s really more than that.

How many NFTS do you own?

I own over 200 NFTs. I bought some of the World of Women’s work a while back, so I was fortunate enough to be able to get involved in the project before it started.

You work closely with many NFT platforms — tell us which platform and how to decide.

As far as the platform I buy, I usually use OpenSea. It’s not my favorite platform to buy, but it’s the biggest market. There are some other things that are more interesting, such as LooksRare. But now, as far as the platform is concerned, most people buy and sell, so it’s monopolized by OpenSea. I bought and sold from both OpenSea and Looks Rare.

Please tell me more about the collection you purchased.

I’m a little weird about the collections I buy and no one buys the ones I like. The collection I’m really crazy about is the World of Women. I love them. I love Dead Fellas. I think this is really cool. When I’m looking at art, it has to talk to me. I don’t like art that is too complicated. Even if it’s beautiful, I like the simple one. I like some kind of expression and some kind of cultural movement. I think it’s very important when they feel culturally related. I also have to care about the founder. The founder is really important to me. In the case of Dead Fellas, the founder was this mother with three children, and much of her story sympathized with me. Not necessarily a huge success or famous, but I love listening to artists who have a mission or are trying to show the world that everyone has a chance.

How has NFT influenced the beauty business?

They haven’t had a big impact on the beauty business yet. The cosmetology business is trying to play in the NFT space, but I don’t think they still know what they are doing. I don’t think anyone really knows what they are doing with NFTs. People just try things and see what happens. I think we still have time to understand it. Hopefully some things will happen later this year and next year.

Will Huda Beauty announce NFT soon?

I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate NFTs into my business, but I don’t have any concrete plans yet. So take a look at this space!

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