Human Anatomy and Decomposing Flora Unveil a Surreal Mix of Dreams and Feelings in Rafael Silveira’s Portraits

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#Anatomy #Oil Painting #Painting #Plant #Portrait #Surreal

December 29, 2021

Grace Evert

All images © Rafael Silveira, shared with permission

Rafael Sylveira’s UnportraitsThe magenta curls and smooth turquoise coifs make up a strange scenario that unfolds in the subject’s mind. Attracted by oil paints in shades of pink and blue, Brazilian artists translate the character’s spirit through wilted flowers, surface gasping, and parrots with feathers that drip like wet paint. Anatomical elements such as peculiar eyes, sprout veins of the heart, and twisted brain material enhance the eerie nature of each piece that fuses flora and fauna with a surrealistic mish mash. “From the inside, we are a strange combination of dreams, thoughts, emotions, and human flesh,” Silveira tells Colossal. “I think these portraits are moods, not people.”

The subject is surrounded by a unique situation in which the sweater melts like ice cream and the spider replaces the neck and spins the spider web from the dry ground. This is a visual reminiscent of the thick wrinkles that accompany aging. These fleeting actions are part of the artist’s reference to the paper ephemera, a way in which thoughts and emotions break down over time. “This rich spiritual energy is like an invisible element of life that is part of the unimportant alchemy of my work,” he says. “We can’t control what life brings to us, but we can decide how to react. We always make these little decisions. These characters are of reaction. It evokes power. “

Based in Curitiba, Brazil, Sylvaira will hold a group exhibition at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in London in January and an immersive solo exhibition at Farol Santander in São Paulo in March. Until then, pick up the print and pay attention to his Instagram. New additions to his portrait series will be on display at the Choque Cultural Gallery in July.

#Anatomy #Oil Painting #Painting #Plant #Portrait #Surreal

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