HW studio’s house ‘hill in front of the glen’ is disguised as a subtle landform

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House disguised as a hill

HW studio arquitectos exhibits poetic architectural works, embedded in the landscape of El Vakerito, Mexico, and devised as a house called the “hill in front of Glen”. The underground dwellings, defined by the winding curves that emerge from the grass, show a simple organization. A single band that sinks to the ground and opens towards a framed landscape or a narrow underground courtyard on both sides.

The team is commenting on the development of a project known in Spanish as la colina frente alacañada.The idea behind this project came from the subtle tweets whispered and carefully listened to by such an environment, as well as the protection of clients and the quest for shelter... “

Image © Dane Alonso

Design of hw studio as poetry

The HW Studio team (see here for details) commented on “The Hill in Front of Glen”.How can I feel protected? Anyway, what can you do when you feel vulnerable? This question was accompanied by an image or perhaps a memory. A frightened child is covered in light bed sheets, looking out to see what’s happening around him...

Pulling and hiding bed sheets is a very basic act that hints at the most basic part of you. Bed sheets hide, protect, wrap, and create space under very safe and intimate conditions to keep away the spirits, ghosts, or demons that may surround the room.At the same time, it creates continuity in the beautiful living aspects around the land and forms new hills in places already surrounded by many of them... “

HW Studio Hill Glen
Image © Dane Alonso

Hill in front of Glen

HW Studios designs the hill in front of Glen as a “poetry word accent, comma, or question mark anyway”, but it should not be the poem itself. The team notes that the poem is already in shape as the surrounding pine, oak, sweet acacia, firefly, road, fence, neighbor’s well, earth, orchard, nightingale.

Such an accent in the poem was four concrete walls that stunningly emerged from the landscape. Two own the land of this new hill created by raising bed sheets, the other two surround access and escort guests on their way into the house.

The road is wide enough to walk comfortably alone, but too narrow to walk with. Visitors to the hill in front of Glen are thrown into a solitary pilgrimage, which leads to an old tree with a very important presence, which needs to distort one straightness of the wall with a gentle curve so that it can pass next. There was it — so close that it was even possible to graze it.

HW Studio Hill Glen
Image © Dane Alonso

Over the wooden sill, down a few pearly stone steps and open the heavy steel door, a concrete vault stands on it to support the load of the green bed sheets on it. increase. It gives you the feeling of being in a cold, dark, but cozy cave.

Concrete was chosen as the main material because of the dream that this new rock would melt, inevitably interact with the forest and change color. Gray that gradually changed to green, black, and yellow that was incorporated into the environment. The flooring emphasizes the scent of the wood when surrounded by pine trees and balances it with the low temperatures of concrete. Finally, with time and rainfall, steel happened because it gained a bark-like appearance of the tree.

HW Studio Hill Glen
Image © cesarbejar

HW Studio Hill GlenImage © cesarbejar

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