Hyderabad-based artist Annarapu Narender’s Jehangir Art Gallery dream

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Train tickets have been booked, suitcases are packed and ready, but Annarapu Narender is still crazy. “Exhibiting my work at the Jehangir Art Gallery has been a dream since I was a student. I can’t believe it’s happening now,” says a Hyderabad-based artist. Narrender’s solo exhibition “Music of the Heart” will be held at Gallery 2 of the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai from May 3rd to 9th.

With 20 sketches and 32 paintings, an abstract canvas of cubes and layers containing many images looks three-dimensional. “People are attracted to pictures of geometric shapes and strokes that depict a few people,” says the artist, who explains the joy of finding people in cubes on canvas. .. His themes are music, dance, women’s various stages and moods, couples’ gestures and romantic expressions, and the artists have developed their own techniques to bring them to life on canvas. “I want my paintings to evoke positiveness,” he says.

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His love for music is depicted in a series of images focusing on the singer’s expression and musical instruments. “Vocalist expression ArapanaIf you turn to one side or change your facial expression while singing, it will leave an impression. It’s interesting to convey the singer’s passion to the canvas, “he says.

Analap Narender

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Narender, an art student, was 23 years old when she went to Delhi at the invitation of her friend M Shanker and worked as a curator at the National Museum of Modern Art. Since it was summer, Narrender preferred to stay indoors and read about midfielders such as midfielder Hussain, Rabindranath Tagore, and Lambkin Kaabaiji at the library, rather than pursuing an art career in a new city. “I had a lot of trouble creating my style, but I stuck with it. When emotions are conveyed on canvas, the work is abstract, but its shape, composition. It feels like a visual story with colors, “he explains in detail.

Analap Narender

Analap Narender Photo Provider: Special Arrangements

His family could not understand his love for the “triangles and lines” in his abstract and persuaded him for a portrait. However, he was fixed to lines of various shapes. He also worked in a private school as an art teacher and as a tutor for the grandson of former Prime Minister (late) NT Ramarao. The tough times his wife and his son had health problems only created a deeper bond with art.

Now he is looking forward to opening a new chapter at the show at the Jehangir Art Gallery.


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