Hysan launches ‘gLEEful rooftop’ project to bond community

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Hysan launches ‘gLEEful rooftop’ project to bond community

Hysan partnered with One Bite Design Studio for ‘gLEEful rooftop’ project to recreate children’s play at Lee Gardens in Causeway Bay. The project aims to transform the fifth facade into a new city perspective. According to the press release, Hysan is focused on bonding and connecting with the local communities, exploring possibilities and promoting sustainability.

Hysan said the revitalization of the eight rooftops will inspire more possibilities and promote sustainability in the Lee Gardens community. A series of events and programs such as musical performances, sports and exercise workshops, mindfulness and meditation activities, community photography, art and cultural events will also be held. The eight rooftops will demonstrate the fusion of old and new with the worthy aim of conveying the city’s unique rooftop culture and encouraging diversity. Local community members were involved through a survey to express their ideas and thoughts at the initial stage of the project. A giant QR code linking to the survey was displayed on one of the eight revived rooftops to encourage participation.

“Placemaking is the blending of architecture and design in a community, which can be achieved by exploring the different possibilities of common space and connecting the space with community members, who are not only stakeholders but also an important source of ideas . If you want to come up with a design that the community can identify with, you first need to understand its people,” said Alan Cheung, architect in charge of the project.

“People rarely think about the roof space – the fifth facade – which can be turned into a nice urban space if used smartly and creatively,” added Cheung, roofs are more than a common space, but a place where memories is made, where interaction happens between man and architecture, and where culture is passed down from generation to generation.

Theme “children’s fun”, cheerful rooftop captivates the community with the children’s games they grew up with, such as: “Hopscotch”, “Red Light, Green Light”, “Wall Art”, “What Time Mr. Wolf, “Hawks Henders vang” (a local tag game), paper airplanes, plastic soccer balls and more.

“Children’s games from different times are recreated on the roofs. We use playful and colorful designs to appeal to the young, while the games will spark memories for those who are young at heart. They would feel that they truly belong to the community through these artistic interactions,” Cheung explained. The project not only adds an artistic atmosphere, but also a further layer of diversity to the community, encouraging members to use rooftop space as a “bridge” to connect people of all ages and walks of life. to connect

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