“I want to do less,” says Marcel Wanders as he announces his studio will suspend operations

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Dutch designer Marcel Wanders is set to “freeze” his eponymous design studio and withdraw from the business indefinitely.

Wanders will close Marcel Wanders Studio until further notice and concentrate on a few projects instead.

“We have decided to freeze the operation of the Amsterdam studio indefinitely,” said the 58-year-old designer, adding that his sabbatical “has no end date yet.”

Mondrian Doha in Qatar is one of the designs of Marcel Wanders Studios.

Wanders was co-founded in 2001 and continues to be involved in Moooi, the design brand it currently owns, and is unaffected by his decision.

This decision will be made months after Wonders was involved in a serious car accident on the Spanish island of Mallorca, where he spends most of the year.

“At the end of last year, something happened to me, so this voice spoke loudly in me,” he said.

“I was injured in a serious car accident in Mallorca. I’m still recovering, but thank God. I’m in the hands of a good expert. The fact that I’m walking and not in a wheelchair. Is already more than that. The doctor expected. “

Support plan for employees to “take the next step”

“We’ve already found his new path,” said Gabriele Chiabe, the studio’s creative director. We have a support plan for employees to “advance their careers and take the next step”.

“It was only a few years ago that my heart and mind had been thinking about how to bring the fruits of my creativity to the world,” said Wonders.

“I’ve been frustrated and urgent about changing something in my creative life and process,” he continued. “In my 35-year career, I’ve completed hundreds of projects, but now I know I don’t want to do more.”

Marcel Wanders Knotted Chair
Marcel Wanders Studio also designed a knot chair

“I want to focus all the energy I have left on only a few creative projects,” Wonders explained. “I feel like I can’t handle the daily studio work I’ve managed for a long time. I’m looking for unprecedented focus, depth and meaning.”

“Maybe it’s my age, maybe it happened to me last year, maybe this was my turn, but I decided to freeze the operation of the Amsterdam studio indefinitely. “My new self,” he added.

“I repeat this, I will continue to create and contribute to the world of design, but I will do it differently.”

“I still create”

With a 35-year career, Wonders is one of the most influential designers in the world, with many groundbreaking products, including a 1996 knot chair made of epoxy-reinforced cord. I have designed it.

His 2001 Airborne Snotty Vase was one of the first designs to use digital scanning technology to capture mucous particles released during sneezing and transform random shapes into a series of vases.

Since its founding in 2002, Marcel Wanders Studio has been a means of Wanders’ incredible achievements, producing over 1,900 projects including furniture, lighting, interiors and artwork.

Recent projects include the exterior of the VIP lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Louis Vuitton store in Miami.

“I’m not abandoning the world of design,” Wonders said. “I still create. I reduce the amount I create.”

Image courtesy of Marcel Wanders Studio.

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