I wanted a Wonder Woman tattoo


TATTOO is for life, so you want your ink to be perfect, right?

For many, when they make a tattoo, they show the artist the picture of the tattoo they want.


Piper CJ took her to TikTok to share the story of her tattoo failureCredit: tiktok

And that’s what one woman did, but unfortunately her ink didn’t go to plan.

Piper CJ showed her tattoo artist the picture of Wonder Woman’s tattoo she wanted.

Piper uploaded the video to TikTok with the caption “My body’s ugliest tattoo is finally about to be covered.”

In the video, Piper shows a picture of the Wonder Woman tattoo she sought.

I think her paintings look great, but the tattoo artist had a distinctly different vision.

The tattoo artist had other plans for Piper’s design and thought she could do better.

Piper said, “I drew that OG sample, but I’m not an artist and I can’t draw people, but this artist said,” I’m completely looking at the vision, I got. ” .. She didn’t * get me *.

“I can’t draw a person at all, so she said,’fix it.’

“She polluted me.

“She was cruel to me.”

Piper drew this Wonder Woman design and showed it to a tattoo artist


Piper drew this Wonder Woman design and showed it to a tattoo artistCredit: tiktok
But Piper's tattoo artist had other plans ...


But Piper’s tattoo artist had other plans …Credit: tiktok

Needless to say, Piper’s tattoo doesn’t look like her picture …

Piper continues. “I really liked my original concept … and it turned out to be the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen.

“Let’s go get this cover.”

Piper, of course, got angry with her tattoo and revealed that she was going to go and cover it up.

Piper hasn’t yet revealed what her cover-up tattoo looks like, but we’re very excited to see it.

Obviously many people were shocked by Piper’s tattoos as her video recorded a whopping 924.5k views.

There are 93.4k likes, 163 comments and 53 shares.

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TikTok users remained shocked by the tattoo and took comments to express this.

One said, “Your art was better than an’artist’.”

Another said, “She gasped you. Your original design was great.”

Third comment: “Oh, hmm. I can’t wait to see the cover-up!” Another said: Please do your best with cover-up. “

Piper keeps smoking on the tattoo and intends to cover it up


Piper keeps smoking on the tattoo and intends to cover it upCredit: tiktok

Meanwhile, I paid 550 euros for a tattoo on my back-it’s so terrible that I think the artist was taking drugs, I was definitely overcharged.

Also, I spent the last £ 60 on tattoos, which bends and has a nasty double sexual meaning.

Another nasty tattoo, I wanted the lyrics of ABBA tattooed on my tummy, but the words were wrong … I never get another ink again.

Like this, I got a tattoo at 17 because it was fashionable … it was a complete failure, I know 6 people who have the same thing.

If that wasn’t enough, I went to a tattoo party and asked for a beautiful flower on my lap … like cabbage, the artist was rude.


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