I will never unsee this Sonic Nintendo Switch controller design fail

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Video game controllers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we do not guarantee a design that will satisfy everyone. From the PS5 Dual Sense to the Gucci Xbox collaboration, we’ve seen some shockers in our time. And now the list has new additions, thanks to everyone’s favorite blue blur.

Just in time for the new movie, Hori has announced a Sonic-themed Nintendo Switch controller-and when it comes to design, this isn’t minimal. With a rich logo and some unfortunate joystick placement, it’s already talked about by gamers. (Would you like to start the game? Check out the best deals on Nintendo Switch currently available.)

Busy glory controller (Image credit: Hori)

Launched on June 9th, the officially licensed Horipad controller does a lot. Sonic is on the right and is running at high speed towards the left. One joystick is bright red and the other joystick is bright blue.There is a big sonic logo When A slightly smaller Hori logo. And as a good measure, a bunch of diagonal blue lines. Overall, McDonald’s Dual Sense design looks positive and classy.

Twitter, like Twitter, has shared its feelings about design. “$ 59? What about such a controller skin?” One user commented. “Without branding, it would look very pretty,” another person adds, yes, with a handy mockup of a much cleaner alternative (below).

Sonic Nintendo Switch Controller with Brand Removed

Much cleaner (Image credit: Twitter Hori / @ BoxMan908)

But what really catches people’s attention is the proper placement of the joystick. Our mind didn’t even go there, but uh, it’s hard to see when it’s pointed out. Let the tweet talk:

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see next

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