Iconic Banksy Painting Revealed as Particle’s First Addition to Their Collection — Making Ownership Available Digitally Through NFTs

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New York – (Business wire)-A company deeply rooted in the world of art and technology, Particle has broken Banksy’s 2005 work “Love is in the Air” into 10,000 particles and sold the particles to the history of art and technology. We are launching a platform through a comprehensive fusion. As an NFT, we will allow anyone to own some of this iconic work of art. Purchased by Sotheby’s at an auction in May for $ 12.9 million, Sotheby’s described “Love is in the air” as “typical Banksy paintings: instantly recognizable, the image is the artist’s indelible graphic style, anger. It has become synonymous with humorous, vibrant political commentary. ”

The Particle Foundation will be exhibiting “Love is in the Air” on the first Friday at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA Miami) in Miami during Art Basel Week in Miami on Friday, December 3, 2021.

“Banksy has transformed the world of art. Widely recognized as one of the most iconic creators of the 21st century. His bold and humane nature and art should be directed to everyone. The strong belief that there is reflects Particle’s mission and makes this masterpiece a symbol of the launch of the platform, “said Particle’s Loïc Gouzer. Co-founder-founder.

“The establishment of traditional art really doesn’t know what to do with Banksy, but here he revolutionizes Banksy and permeates it from all over the world to the highest levels. For us. , “Love is in the Air” symbolizes a new chapter in the history of art. It’s a more open, collaborative, community-based chapter, “said Shingo Lavine, co-founder of Particle.

The proprietary Particalization process divides the painting into 100×100 grids, creates 10,000 unique particles and converts them to NFT. Each particle is unique and the owner can enjoy a personalized experience of the artwork.

“Through this unique process, Particles are digitizing without destroying the underlying work. We believe that NFTs enable new forms of ownership that never existed before. Particles allow anyone, no matter where they are, to be the owner of a great piece of work, “Lavine added.

The physical paintings of “Love is in the Air” will be donated to the Particle Foundation, a non-profit organization that maintains, preserves, and tours collections owned by the Particle community. Particles also donates 1% of Particles to the Foundation. This acts as a piece of protection, making it impossible for anyone to imagine claiming possession of a physical painting. Finally, the Foundation also receives a portion of the royalty income that contributes to its guarantee.

“Some people have chosen to burn paintings and move to the digital realm, but we believe it is neither ethical nor necessary. It is me to directly maintain the” physical “enjoyment of the work of art. It’s important to us, “said Charlotte Eitan, director of the Particle Foundation. “By placing’Love is in the Air’and all subsequent acquisitions in the Particle Foundation, the work will be permanently preserved and enjoyable by everyone. The Foundation will be responsible for these particles and the underlying physics. I will never sell a work of art. ”

“While everyone is talking about the Metaverse, we are laying the foundation for the Metaverse, a block where people around the world can own masterpieces of art and interact with them on the internet and in the real world. It’s a chain-based platform, “says Oscar Salazar. , Co-founder of Particle.

When a buyer purchases particles, they receive a digital certificate or collector’s card that represents the ownership of the painting buyer. Collectors reserve the right to buy, sell or freely transfer NFTs in the secondary market. The collector has the right to see the painting anytime, anywhere and to call the painting as the only non-charitable owner of the work in the collection.

Interested buyers will be able to apply for particles starting December 13, 2021. In the meantime, you can add particles to your waiting list at www.particlecollection.com to increase your chances of being assigned particles on your primary sale. “Love is in the air” Particle NFT’s primary sale will begin in the week of January 10-14, 2022 and will take place on the avalanche blockchain.

About particles

Particle’s mission is to revolutionize the way people own, collect, experience and enjoy masterpieces of art. NFT technology and a unique particle process allow you to decentralize your art collection and ownership experience. We combine the best art and blockchain expertise to build a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to own some of the best masterpieces in the world through joint participation in the art market. All works acquired by Particle are included in the Particle Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that maintains, displays, and tours collections on behalf of the community.

Particles are Christie’s former chairman of postwar contemporary art, Loic Gooser, Ethos.io co-founders Singo Ravine and Adam Ravine, Voyager co-founder and chairman Philip Eitan, CTO and Supreme. It was founded by the chief technology officer, Oscar Salazar. Of Uber. Particle has raised $ 15 million in seed funding, including investments from Voyager Digital (TSX: VOYG, OTCQX: VYGVF, FRA: UCD2), Atrum, and other companies passionate about the arts and NFT markets.

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