Iconic surf artist Drew Brophy emerges from COVID coma and recounts “profound experience on the other side – an insight into how EVERYTHING in the universe works!”

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“Sketchmeter Eleven. People can dig up driveways and die!”

The good news is:A fierce Pacific storm that bent palm trees, tore roofs, and caused mountains of trouble along the California coast marched inland and dumped snow mountains in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And hopefully it will make a serious dent in the drought.

California’s water supply is all that snow, and 5-8 feet of snow relieves concerns that California’s daily need for 38,000,000,000 gallons of water (yes, 38 billion gallons daily) isn’t met. May return to. Yellow is mellow. If it is brown, wash it off. “

And no one wants it.

The bad news is that all the snow that swarms in the Sierra Nevada Mountains attracts powder hounds and family herds who may not know how dangerous a few feet of fresh snow is.

Ken “Skindog” Collins esq (I don’t know when he got his law degree) is a powder hound that struck the Sierra Nevada Mountains and found more than he had negotiated.

At 9 pm on Sunday, December 26, Collins noticed snow on Boxing Day. He probably took this picture early in the day and sent it out of the car in the snow and traffic.

The next morning, at 8:39 am (PST), Collins broke through and appeared to be in a parking lot somewhere. He grabbed the steering wheel of a large car, drank coffee, and put a hood on a Volcom cap to public service announcements.

boy! update! As you know, there was a big storm in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 8ft plus, ultra-lightweight and fluffy killer snow. It’s very dangerous. Sketch meter 11. It seems common sense not to go to the backcountry. But don’t walk around the house now. Every rooftop of the condo you are staying in has an avalanche, and even at the resort you are in, the house you are staying in is an avalanche. 0.5 tonnes of snow will fall on you and your child, which can choke you. People can dig up driveways and die. Please be careful as it is very dangerous. Do not roam under trees that appear to have the potential for 2 tons of snow. teeth. I know it sounds ridiculous, but don’t let your child go to a snowball fight without supervision. seriously. It’s like letting them swim on the beach with 100 feet of waves. as if…. It’s dangerous. It can happen very quickly and easily. Someone can dig up the driveway or the side of the house and die. Seriously. Be careful. Don’t go to the drive. Leave it in. Please wait for this. fine. that’s all.

And the skin dog warning was correct. The next day, newspapers throughout California were headlined with reports that Interstate 80 was closed indefinitely and that there was an avalanche across Highway 89.

Tahoe Daily Tribune declared this month:

Reported “December to Remember”: “South Lake Tahoe, CA-This is definitely December to remember and is literally on the register.

Nighttime snowfall was recorded by the NWS at a rate of 2-4 inches per hour throughout Sierra and continued until sunrise. This resulted in a total of 18-36 inches of 24-hour snow range reported from high altitude resorts. Residents at the lake level were suffocated an additional 12 to 16 inches on a driveway with little room to expel new snow. Over 100 inches in just 6 days!

The December 1970 snowfall record at the Central Sierra Snow Lab was 179 inches, but recent 39-inch snowfall has brought the official total to 193 inches.

193 inches of snow is more than 16 feet, which means that California has enough water reserves. People in Lemoore wouldn’t complain too much if Kelly and Co threw a big ondori and hacked everything valuable. Drop cool, clear water in the surf lunch in the midst of the California water war.

And we do math for you: 70% of that water is used by agriculture, even if there are 40 million people in the state. And 38 billion gallons of water per day is a whopping 13,870,000,000,000 gallons of water per year.

This is enough to meet the surf lunch 13,870,000,000,000 / 15,000,000 = 924,666.66666666666666666666 times.

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