If You’re Searching for a Gift That Gives Back, You’ll Love These Limited-Edition Designs by Artist Kehinde Wiley

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Welcome to Artemas for 12 days. This is a new, trans-denominational holiday celebration. An advent calendar with ideas and stories for gifts for all kinds of art lovers, held daily until December 24th.

Kehin Dewiley, an African-American painter best known for his photorealistic portraits of black figures (including Barack Obama) on colorful backgrounds, is limited to supporting BlackRock, the home of Dakar’s non-profit artists. Launched a edition of clothing and design collection. , Senegal he founded in 2019.

The collection, which includes basketball, candles, playing cards, puff coats, and sweatshirts, includes a selection of motifs from Wiley’s paintings, with each design adapted directly from the original work of art.In addition, to celebrate the launch, Wily sells prints of his artwork. Demetrius Studies (2021), also benefits BlackRock.

According to the artist’s statement, the proceeds from all purchases that can be pre-ordered through the Kehinde Wiley Shop directly support the mission of his place of residence. To provide a platform for these artists to engage in cross-cultural and interdisciplinary creative processes. And build a new global discourse about Africa and the African diaspora. “

See below for some of the items featured at the Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Death of St. Joseph , 2017. Provided by Kehinde Wiley Shop. “width =” 884 “height =” 1024 “srcset =” https://news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2021/12/KH-Death-of-St.-Joseph-Artmas-Day-11 -884×1024.jpg 884w, https://news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2021/12/KH-Death-of-St.-Joseph-Artmas-Day-11-259×300.jpg 259w, https: //news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2021/12/KH-Death-of-St.-Joseph-Artmas-Day-11-43×50.jpg 43w, https://news.artnet.com/ app / news-upload / 2021/12 / KH-Death-of-St.-Joseph-Artmas-Day-11.jpg 1564w “size =” (max-width: 884px) 100vw, 884px “/>

Kehin Dewiley, Death of St. Joseph, 2017. Provided by Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Death of St. Joseph Basketball (See featured image) Zoom in on the details of Wiley’s 2017 paintings. Death of St. JosephInspired by classic Bible portraits of the 18th century, it was rethought for a modern audience. According to Wiley, “The focus of design is on the model’s open-handed drumming, which invites multicultural conversations and connections between time and place.” Available here for $ 150. The Death of St. Joseph T-shirt, on the other hand, is available here for $ 140.

Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Bethler’s Flori Legium, shoe salesman hoodie According to a statement from the Kehinde Wiley Shop, it features images from Wiley’s 2012 painting of the same name, “for the rich green and scarlet hibiscus against a bright celestial blue background.” For a unisex top with a luxurious cotton interior and a satin-lined hood, the painting has been rethought and redesigned to give “a new story version of this fantastic portrait of an everyday hero.” created. It’s available here for $ 280.

Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Tile silk pajamas set Combine images from Wily’s four paintings to create a unique tapestry that reflects the artist’s journey to Brazil, Cameroon, Israel, and Mali. The unisex set “is a cross-cultural nationalist pose that revisits the art-historical epic story of portraiture, featuring a vibrant portrayal of modern black and brown men,” Wiley said. I am saying. The four pictures are: Marechal Floriano Peikoto II (2009); Benedita Bruko (2011); Besler’s Florilegium, shoe salesman (2012); and Dogon Couple II (2013). It’s available here for $ 650.

Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Down jacket Comments on Wiley’s Multicultural Design Intercultural Decoration Khan Alexander Study (2011). Behind the coat is a portrait of the original artwork. You can get it here for $ 800.

Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley Shop.

Grace deck of cards Wiley’s features Dacia Carter II (2012), a painting from the artist’s “Economy of Grace” series, which celebrates the strength and beauty of black women. The deck shows a portrait of model Dacia Carter depicted as a kind of goddess against a background of green and pink plants. You can get it here for $ 30.

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