IKEA sofa from Tommy Cash collaboration might make you crave for bread all the time


Furniture that isn’t characteristic of IKEA may redefine the meaning of couch potatoes.

Sofas, sometimes referred to as sofas, have long been associated with relaxation and comfort. In more modern times, they have also been associated with food normally consumed during television, home entertainment, and such passive activities. Sofas and the types of food you often think of when talking about sofas usually range from light meals to microwave-cooked meals, but the new design at IKEA brings that idea to mind and another type of treat. May crave.

Designers: Tommy Cash and IKEA’s gabbois

Bread is not the first kind of food that comes to mind when the word “sofa” comes up. Pastries are often cluttered and ruin the upholstery, but certain bread rolls are best eaten with other types of food that can ruin the sofa. That said, bread is often associated with a soft, fluffy feel, which could have been the inspiration behind this delicious piece of furniture.

Rapper Tommy Cash is well known in the design world for his quirky and quirky ideas. This LOAFA sofa clearly proves that. The sofa, designed to resemble a glazed bread roll, looks really delicious to eat. It looks comfortable, but it’s a little sticky and can be a conflicting feeling when deciding whether to sit or not.

Curiously, LOAFA’s inspiration came from something unrelated to food. Designer Gabboa has shown that the sofa nods to designer Mario Bellini’s classic Camaleonda modular sofa. Again, they also look like dinner rolls. It didn’t take much imagination to knead into the chamaleon dough. Unfortunately, LOAFA is modular and I don’t think it will be permanently frozen in an L shape.

designboom describes how Tommy Cash tried to collect over 10,000 comments to convince IKEA to start selling LOAFA sofas. Instagram posts have already exceeded that number, but renowned furniture makers haven’t yet confirmed if this furniture has already been baked in the oven. Given that it’s IKEA that sells this great piece, some may end up chewing more than they can at that price.


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