IKEA to host free DIY and interiors workshops

IKEA has announced it will be hosting a series of free workshops and activities for customers to improve their DIY and interior design skills

IKEA has announced a series of free workshops and events for customers to improve their DIY and interior design skills at home.

These sessions will be held throughout May and will be led by colleagues to provide knowledge and expertise to in-store customers. Workshops range from furniture making to upcycling existing items to give them new life, to sharing some simple tips for important tips for transforming a room.

The IKEA Bite Size course will allow customers to learn trading skills, helping them revisit old DIY skills while learning new ones. Led by IKEA colleagues, participating customers will gain the knowledge and confidence to solve their own projects after hearing from experts, which can then be replicated at home.

Meanwhile, for those looking for interior design inspiration, the Do it Together (DIT) workshop series will allow visitors to work directly with IKEA interior designers to create the perfect plan for their next home project. With live step-by-step guides on how to transform areas of their home, they’ll also learn how to plan, design creative mood boards, and more!

Paul Lloyd, Deputy Marketing Manager at IKEA Manchester, commented, “At IKEA, we believe that the home is a place to celebrate, which is why we are delighted to offer these workshops to our customers to help provide them with some practical and helpful tips for making small improvements in their home.

Starting a new home design project can often be intimidating, and it can be hard to know where to start. But doing DIY doesn’t have to be a chore, it’s an enjoyable activity that lets you unleash your creativity.

Remodeling something is a very exciting thing, be it a piece of furniture or an entire space. We look forward to welcoming customers to our store this month and teaching them valuable skills that will make it easy for them to do at home and have fun doing it. “

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Visit IKEA’s events page for more information on the DIY May event and how to book, as well as details on events in other IKEA stores in the UK. Customers can also register for free as an IKEA family member and receive exclusive rewards and discounts on selected IKEA products, workshops, ideas, and free hot drinks at selected stores.


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