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HOME Interior experts have shown how to use Dollar Tree kitchenware to deal with tricky painting tasks and give them a unique look.

Reddit user “slick415” revealed a useful hack in a wordless video that surprised social media commentators.


Reddit users show off their sponge before loading the paintCredit: Reddit / slick415
Experts then tapped the sponge against the wall


Experts then tapped the sponge against the wallCredit: Reddit / slick415

The video shows the user holding the Dollar Tree sponge before putting it in white paint.

Next, Reddit users tap the paint-covered sponge against the wall.

Instead of getting the smooth finish achieved with rollers, sponges create an interesting kind of wavy textured look.

After tapping the wall with a sponge, the user picks up a “knockdown knife” and scraps the newly applied paint upwards.

One user asked, “What exactly are they doing?” And seemed confused about what they were seeing. However, another helpful commentator explains: “I’m trying to match the texture of a wall that looks like the baseboard has been removed.”

Many commentators were impressed with the skills of the experts and wrote, “At first I thought’this doesn’t blend into the current wall’, but then it was like’daaaaaang’.”

Another simple addition: “Good job!”

One-third states: This is fantastic. “

Last week, interior design experts revealed three easy and cheap ways to make your home look more expensive.

TikToker, named Char Tara, posts an 8-second clip containing three great ideas to instantly make your home look beautiful.

Last month, another interior designer unveiled a trendy design feature that many homeowners regret.

Write a Domino expert, especially one style is no longer endorsed.

Experts write that, according to a HomeHow survey, industrial design elements such as bare bricks and concrete floors are one of the ready-to-use trends for homeowners.

In March, home decor experts claimed to be able to tell homeowners how to update and improve furniture styles in just 60 seconds.

In her Instagram series, Pennsylvania-based interior stylist Kiva Brent homeowns a way to rethink a room using digital imaging and adjust furniture, floor coverings, lighting and wall art to refresh the space. Explaining to the person.

Then the video showed that the


Then the video showed that the “knockdown knife” was scrapped on the wallCredit: Reddit / slick415

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