I’m an interior design pro – three finishes that you should avoid if you want a fresh feeling home

I’m an interior design pro – three finishes that you should avoid if you want a fresh feeling home

There are many decisions to make when redesigning your home.

What color to paint the walls, what floor to use, and how to arrange the bedroom are all issues we debate.


There are some finishes that will make your home dated, says an interior design expertCredit: TikTok
One of the trendy finishes is grey floors


One of the trendy finishes is grey floorsCredit: TikTok

A design and color expert named Maria Killam who uses @mariakillim on TikTok says there are finishes that will instantly make your new home feel old.

floor color

Maria says the first mistake you can make is installing gray floors.

“If it looks brown in some lights and gray in others, it’s taupe. Still trendy, still not a good choice,” she says.

“Charcoal, grey or taupe floors – it shouldn’t be made because it’s always a trendy option that shows you’re renovating in the grey trend.”

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Instead, you should opt for light oak or medium brown floors.

According to Maria, these colors are timeless and never go out of style.


The second look you should avoid refers to your kitchen surfaces: busy, noisy countertops.

“There’s a lot more movement to the countertops that are popular in this black-and-white trend,” says Maria.

“They’re busier, dirtier and more colorful.”

Installing a countertop like this can overwhelm the room and dictate how you handle the rest of the kitchen.

You might get tired of this pattern, but you won’t be able to change it due to the expense involved in countertop installation.

Instead, opt for a neutral white or black look—marble, quartz or talc always look good.

It will also make your home more attractive to buyers if you want to sell, since it is less niche.

ceramic tile

When done right, tile floors and walls look great in a bathroom or kitchen.

The problem is, there are a lot of ugly options out there.

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Maria shares five of her favorite styles that won’t go out of style: two-inch hex tile, hex tile in larger sizes, marble or porcelain, limestone, and charcoal herringbone with white grout.

“Boring really equals eternity,” she said.

Opt for light oak or brown floors


Opt for light oak or brown floorsCredit: TikTok


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