Immersive Van Gogh experience coming to Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids, MI-Ann “Immersive” by Vincent van Gogh Art Exhibition is coming to Grand Rapids.

Beyond Gogh: The immersive experience takes a viewer, featuring more than 300 of Van Gogh’s works “exhilarates the five senses to the three-dimensional world,” according to a news release describing the show.

The exhibition uses a large, multidimensional projection of Van Gogh’s paintings. It creates light and color to that effect and “swirls, it refocuses and dances in the flowers, cafes and landscapes of his famous works.”

Costs, locations and exhibition dates were not posted on the event’s website.

John Tellem, a spokesman for the event, said the show is in the “sign-up” period, allowing interested parties to sign up to receive more information. He will make “announcements about the on-launch date, start date and venue” after the end of that period. Tellem wouldn’t say if the venue for the event was booked.

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This is not the first immersive Van Gogh exhibition in Michigan. Beyond van Gogh: The immersive experience was last June at the TCF Center in Downtown Detroit until October. You can see the photos and videos of the exhibition here.

Van Gogh was a wheat field with the Netherlands, Post-Impressionist painters, potato eaters, and crows, including the Starry Night. He was known according to his profile by artble on the website, “for his bold, dramatic brushstrokes that expressed emotions and added a sense of movement to his work.” He 37 He died in 1890 at the age of.

Van Gogh was created by French-Canadian creative director Mathieu St. Arnaud and his team at a normal studio in Montreal, according to a news release. The exhibition is shown worldwide, and event promoters say more than 2.5 million tickets have been sold for the exhibition.

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