[In Pics] With Walls As A Canvas Odisha Capital Turns Into Cultural Museum During Hockey WC

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[In Pics] With Walls As A Canvas Odisha Capital Turns Into Cultural Museum During Hockey WC

Bhubaneswar: Odisha is imbibing the spirit of hockey at a frenzied pace, celebrating every goal and win, irrespective of the country. There is a festive energy all around with the vibrant colors of the state adding to the joie de vivre In other words, the splendor of Odisha is on full display for foreign visitors – a perfect amalgamation of its rich culture and sporting spirit.

The walls at major places in the state capital painted on different themes tell the story of Odisha – its rich culture, folk art, achievements, aspirations and much more. From the moment visitors touch the ground at the airport, a drive through the city is like a true guided tour in a museum, with every wall telling a story.

All the paintings changed the capital’s visual landscape. Twenty-eight teams consisting of 1500 artists worked relentlessly to make this creative vision a success.

Let’s take a tour.

Biju Pattnaik International Airport

Paintings near the airport depict former Odisha Chief Minister Biju Pattnaik’s vision for the state. The painting of a flight along with the acronym UDAN, which reads “Ude desh ka aam nagrik,” depicts the Regional Airport Development Program of the Government of India. It also includes Odisha’s most famous tourist destinations for vacationers. Other paintings depict the government’s initiative to save the girl child with the message “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”.

Rabindra Mandap

Paintings on the walls outside Rabindra Mandap depict various folk dances of Odisha, including the world famous Sambalpuri dance, the Ghumra dance of Kalahandi and the tribal dances of Odisha.

The outer walls of this place depict the vivid and rich cultural heritage of Odisha.

These paintings depict individuals performing folk dances in their traditional dress, as well as the musical instruments used in those dances.

AG Square

The artwork here depicts the celebrations and festivals that take place in Odisha during the month of Kartika, which is considered the holiest of all the months of the year. The paintings show young and married women celebrating the Dharma Masa festival with floating boats made of banana tree leaves in the water. This ritual is also performed during Bali Jatra.

Other paintings bring to life the tribal culture of Odisha, while others show the various mudras, ornaments and musical instruments associated with the classical dance form Odissi.

The Pattachitra art paintings are perhaps the most striking of all and arouse much curiosity due to their bright colors and intricate designs.

IDCO Exhibition Grounds

Through their works, artists demonstrated how the exhibition hall serves as a stage for handicrafts and handicrafts produced by local artisans and various tribes and how various stalls are set up every year to showcase wonderful works of art and craftsmanship.

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