Independent TTRPG presses work toward equity in game design

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As table games grow in popularity, it is expected that more and more people will try to design their own games. Marketplaces like, DriveThruRPG, and even Dungeon Master’s Guild allow individual designers to showcase and promote their work, but many are lacking in name recognition. Is hindered by. Making a game isn’t easy, but it can be even harder to sell.

Well-known publishers are obsessed with producing content for marquee titles, while smaller, independent publishers have more freedom to experiment. Throughout the tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) industry, small media outlets promote marginalized perspectives, niche games, and push the boundaries of what is generally feasible.

Gauntlet Publishing, Exalted Funeral, and Possum Creek Games are three places that are working to support independent designers and provide a more equitable publishing model. Unlike listed companies like Hasbro, which publishes Dungeons & Dragons through its subsidiary Wizards of the Coast, the indie scene focuses primarily on giving money to creators rather than shareholders. I am. If the hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from Hasbro’s efforts are a sign, hobbyists have the money to spend. Small presses want to make sure they can see their products as well.

Gauntlet Publishing is one of the old publishers advocating for an independent and underprivileged voice. Founded in 2016, Codex Magazine has been a theme-specific issue with small games, modules, settings, and listings for many years. Codex was a place where designers were experimental, rewarded for their work, and could be seen in print in professionally designed and illustrated journals. The media, led by Editor-in-Chief Jason Cordova, is now working with members of the thriving gaming community to bring innovative and adaptable games to life.

Like many publishers, big and small, Gauntlet Publishing uses Kickstarter to fund their projects. Trophy darkWritten by Jesse Ross, with great success on the crowdfunding platform, it raised over $ 210,000 in 2020. The mechanics of the game allow for a friendly dark sword and sorcery that the player notices that the character has been destroyed long before it reaches the treasure. Embedded in the center of each adventure (called invasion). Trophy Launched as a game on Codex, a new theme intrusion was released via serial for six months. Many of them were created by guest writers. By creating its own big event, Gauntlet Publishing gives alienated authors the opportunity to write bigger games without compromising their vision or asking them to write for less than the value of their ideas. Gave.

The recently incorporated Possum Creek Games is an indie darling led by writer / designer Jay Dragon and art director Ruby Rabin, best known for its acclaim. Wonder Home.. Possum Creek began as a way to publish Dragon’s writings under a more unified umbrella, but has expanded rapidly to assist other authors such as Riley Rethal and M Veselak. Veselak evil Kick-started last year, the delicate three-player game spans three soft-trade-sized volumes.

Kickstarter is often considered an equalizer in the desktop world. A good example of this is the recent hugely successful project by Magpie Games.this is Avatar Legend: Role-playing game The campaign raised over $ 9.5 million earlier this year. This is a record of TTRPGs on that platform. Of course, Kickstarter doesn’t allow residents of a particular country to use the service, so it can’t help everyone. Many indie presses are aware of this limitation, and Possum Creek in particular is taking steps to bring games from non-resident designers to the big stage.

The Spectral Cat flies to the second floor of the inn and joins the other spirits who live there.

Image: Possum Creek

Rae Nedjadi’s gentle ghostly ghost TTRPG, Our hangoutIs the latest project of Possum Creek. Nedjadi, who lives in the Philippines, is outside the country of residence permitted by Kickstarter. Possum Creek uses its platform to directly elevate left-behind creators in a concrete and positive way, building a more equitable industry and at the same time publishing great and valuable work.

Exalted Funeral is another press that doesn’t just claim itself as an indie-focused one. Working with a roster of writers, Exalted Funeral is a full-service press that also maintains an online storefront and allows more distribution of physical copies of indie games.By selling larger games (according to indie standards) Mörk Borg When maternal, Exalted Funeral is supporting writers such as momatoes and Anna Urbanek while gaining viewers and releasing their own Kickstarter.

arc, Written by momatoes, is an end-of-life adventure where players reach the end of the world. This is one of many Kickstarter projects by Exalted Funeral. This partnership gives the author regain access to Kickstarter, who lives and works in the Philippines and would otherwise not have access to the service. Herbalist Primer Another example. The system-agnostic book details real plants and their traditional folklore usage, and is practical for both real plant magic practitioners and fantasy games. Earn over $ 814,000 on Kickstarter. This is the amount that makes Exalted Funeral equal to the more widely known publishers.

A copy of the herbalist introductory book by Anna Urbanic in the flower garden.

Image: Noble funeral

All of these media outlets are striving to establish a publishing partner to replace the well-known gaming companies. However, in addition to the economic benefits for creators, it may also offer more ethical options for the nifty consumer. Many of the people who got angry with the hostile work environment reported by some Wizards of the Coast workers and Pathfinder publisher Paiso are now making money for smaller, more agile companies. Is now used.

Independent media outlets such as Gauntlet Publishing, Exalted Funeral, and Possum Creek Games are centered around the writers and artists they work with and can maintain control of their work. And perhaps most importantly, they continue to pour money into the growing community of game creators. As the scene becomes more diverse, it also needs to be more equitable, and small presses are leading the way to a more sustainable TTRPG ecosystem.

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