Inquiring Photographer: Thoughts on Saudi-Sponsored Women’s Golf Tournament at Trump Golf Links

Inquiring Photographer: Thoughts on Saudi-Sponsored Women’s Golf Tournament at Trump Golf Links


Photo by David Greene

With a recently released US government report implicating some individuals in the Saudi Arabian government in assisting the 9/11 hijackers, this week we asked readers for their thoughts on Trump Golf Links, located in Ferry Point Park in Throggs Neck , which hosts a Saudi-sponsored women’s golf tournament next month in The Bronx. Listed sponsor, Aramco [officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company] is a Saudi Arabian public petroleum and natural gas company based in Dhahran.

“It’s so funny you mention that because I just watched something about it. What took place was really different because what went down was the government was hiding something because for us to do what we did, it had to be something else that was done to make them do what they did. I was down there when it all happened…I heard about it. I was, like, damn! How? With all the lives that have been taken and all the destruction that has occurred, how can they cooperate with those people who have wreaked havoc on America? How are you going to allow business to come in here? Russia and Saudi Arabia made good money in the UK but they didn’t here and they could build their fortunes there and elsewhere. The golf tournament is a slap in the face to America and a slap in the face to all the people who went to work, thought they were coming home to their loved ones, and never made it back home. This is a slap in the face of democracy. It should not even be held. How can [former President Donald] Trump even doing something of this nature?”

Travis Eastman,


Photo by David Greene

“I don’t agree with this tournament [former President Donald Trump] going to present because he has to respect the American homeland, the nation, and he doesn’t. He gave us trouble and now he respects us. He does it for money and for publicity. He did wrong to this nation and now he is trying to prove himself that he did right. He is also looking for money. I live in The Bronx, and I don’t want this event to happen here.”

Jorge Davila,


Photo by David Greene

“I’ve heard about something with the Saudis and Trump before, but you kind of verified it for me and you know, when I honestly think about it, I try my best to have a critical point of view. I’m trying to see that…..from what you’re telling me, and the information I’ve been told, and information I’ve looked up on my own, and if it’s true, and they come over here, it’s a little [expletive] on. Come now! We lost people. Because I am African American, I am nevertheless American. If it is really the truth, it is [expletive] because of the fact that we were told a bunch of b——t, and now you have these people from another country coming here. They are after something. We went to war over and lost, Lord knows, how many lives of our own, and destroyed two different countries over what? A lie? So, it’s a little disturbing because I was 11 years old when it happened, and I was, like, George Bush’s poster boy, saying we have to go there, and we have to do it, so you’re kind to feel a little foolish, knowing what I know now.”

Bobby Lamonte Tolliver,


Photo courtesy of Dion Powell

“I personally know people who work at Trump Left. They had a car show just two weeks ago … I know people who work there, and I’ve talked to them about it, Blacks and Latinos and beyond, and they say, ‘Dion, this place is the best job I’ve had have ever These people who come here, not Trump, but people who frequent the establishment, give too much away, and they’re so nice. If they’re racist, I don’t know, but they’ll pay me a $50 tip for a $12 drink, if I bring it on time and make sure the liquid doesn’t hit the bottom of that glass.’ So those are the testimonials that I want people to know from the minority side, and I want it to happen because of that one factor … I’ll show up if I’m invited.”

Dion Powell,

Crotona Park

Photo courtesy of Shanequa Charles

“Two things were particularly striking when I heard about the Saudi-backed women’s tournament, hosted by [former President Donald] Trump. One, despite my own personal feelings, and [alleged] evidence from the US government [alleged] involvement in the collapse of the Twin Towers in 2001, it is not in good taste for the former president to be in bed on a deal like this. Two, given the history with dealings that have landed him in tremendous legal trouble, possible jail time, etc., I don’t believe he deserves to make millions of dollars from an event of this magnitude when, unfortunately, he has proven. time and again that he cannot be trusted to act in the best interest of our country.”

Shanequa Charles,

Fordham Manor

Editor’s Note: Dion Powell is running for State Senate in District 32 in the November 2022 general election on the Conservative Party ticket, while Shanequa Charles ran for State Assembly in District 78 in the June 2022 Democratic Primary.

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