Insomniac hosts exclusive NFT art gallery at EDC powered by LGND


The Electronic Music Festival is celebrated with an EDC-inspired NFT collection curated by WAYF and Genesis NFT in Tiesto.

This year, Insomniac launched the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas Art Gallery. Here, fans of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) can enjoy and buy NFT’s unique collection co-created by EDM artists and NFT. Community icon for a limited time. The event also includes a Genesis NFT drop by the legendary Tijs Michiel Verwest, professionally known as DJ Tiesto.

Tiesto announces an exclusive NFT at EDC Las Vegas, announcing his next Genesis NFT project, Eagle. This is the first phase and introduction of his digital roadmap along with his Musical Freedom imprint.

EDC Las Vegas NFT holders will have access to a preview of Tiesto’s unreleased music, including VIP priority access to the “Eagle” NFT project and access to repeat toys and other special occasions from Musical Freedom.

The eagle seen at the NFT was featured in the Tiesto performance in March this year. It will be displayed on the screen during the performance at EDC Las Vegas this Saturday.

The exclusive EDC Las Vegas 2022 NFT Gallery Experience opens today and features some of Metaverse’s rarest and most popular NFT collections at the legendary weekend electronic music festival in Las Vegas.


Tiesto “All Access Eagle”

WAYF has brought an impressive collection of top-notch NFT projects to EDC, revitalizing a diverse and innovative community focused on key social causes. NFTs will be sold at a fixed price (not mint) for 7 days after EDC due to limited inventory of NFT Art Platform LGND. Some NFTs donate a portion of their sales to charities such as Rise above The Disorder, Surfrider Foundation, Stop Asian Hate, Murphslife Foundation, and Best Friends Animal Society.

“Music and art are great communicators that connect us all,” said Ty Carter, Creative Head of LGND. “NFT media continues to evolve into new formats using new technologies, transforming the way analog and virtual interact. LGND powers this immersive gallery curated by WAYF. We are proud to work with this historic group of artists. “

Surrounded by mushroom trees between neon Garden and bionic Jungle, across from Pixel Forest, We Are Your “Frens” (WAYF) and LGND’s NFT Art Gallery revisited EDC participants with some celebrities. Explore, interact with, and connect with derived artwork. Several surprises have been added at EDC Las Vegas in the NFT world such as Azuki, Moonbirds, Dippies, Sol Flowers, Nyan Heroes and The Catalina Whale Mixer.

Zash Global Media, the official sponsor of EDC2022, is a group of media companies overseen by the complete destroyer Ted Farnsworth, dropping surprise NFTs during the EDC. NFTs drop from space to EDC audiences via satellite. Specifically, two NFT drops will be made in each set in collaboration with the top headliner and guest performers. Zash will also give away one Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, which is estimated to be worth $ 300,000.

NFTs will be available for purchase at LGND from midnight UTC tomorrow to 9 pm UTC on Friday, May 27.

About insomnia

Insomniac produces some of the world’s most innovative and immersive music festivals and events. Powered by state-of-the-art lighting, fireworks and sound design, extensive art installations, theatrical performers, and next-generation special effects, these events captivate the senses and inspire a unique level of interaction with fans. To do. The quality of the experience is the company’s top priority.

Founded nearly 30 years ago, Insomniac hosts 10,000 concerts, clubnights and festivals annually with 7 million attendees worldwide. The company’s premier annual event, EDC Las Vegas, is the world’s largest dance music festival, attracting more than 525,000 fans in three days.

The company was founded by Pasquale Rotella and has been based in Los Angeles since it was founded in 1993. In 2013, Insomniac partnered with Live Nation, a global entertainment company.

About WAYF

WAYF is a diverse, full-service team of expert storytellers who act as a conduit between traditional Web2 and native Web3 brands, communities and cultures. WAYF provides clients who launch products and build businesses on Web3 with support and strategies to validate trust, mitigate risk, and block vulnerabilities. WAYF’s experienced team has a proven track record of providing best-in-class design solutions to artists and brands, regardless of platform, and leverages strategic partnerships in the industry and creative space to further enhance their client’s business presence. Deepen the community.

The WAYF team is leading the way in extending innovative methods from a company’s digital footprint to the physical representation of its construction.

About LGND

LGND is a platform built by artists to enable them to realize their vision in the new landscape of NFTs. LGND’s mission is to help artists reach as much audience as possible to secure their heritage on the blockchain and foster a global community. By combining online and real events, we aim to lead the field of education and expand the rapidly changing media that will change the way art is experienced. Above all, curation is the focus and quality is always the goal.

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