Interior design for pets remains a growth industry | Life

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Interior design for pets remains a growth industry | Life

This is bound to happen. Interior designers, builders and wealthy pet-loving people come together like a supernova extravaganza.

Forbes magazine published an extraordinary article by Jamie Gold that explores the efforts of these populations to make their pets “happy.”

This new trend goes way beyond what some readers may have seen before, which are end tables and Stickley-style pet crates for keeping pets locked away when they leave.

Consider a custom feeding station built by a cabinet maker to accommodate elderly pets who eat while lying down, or to accommodate cats who want complete privacy while dining, just to name two. How to build pipes on water bowls for easy filling?

Let’s go a step further and consider custom furniture for pets. That’s right, the plastic pits your grandmother put on the couch to keep cat hair out and make the rest of the house feel clammy are long gone. Furniture is now custom made according to the size of the pet. They are upholstered with special fabrics that are easy to clean. Even the interior stuffing has been chosen to be non-toxic if your pet gets nervous and decides to dine on this material.

This column previously discussed pet windows built into sturdy enclosures. The holes are sized for what one considers appropriate socializing with passing pets, but have welded wire mesh to prevent the canine equivalent of a face-to-face bar room brawl.

Some enterprising door makers have now embraced the concept and built windows at canine and feline heights, so maybe there can be daily meetings to discuss how crazy their owners are.

Ever heard of the word “catio”? Rhymes with patio. Yes, you guessed it, this is an extension of the house designed specifically for cats. Mostly, it’s the windowsill of a high-rise building, but I bet I can find a place in California with a catnip tiki-style bar and some neighborhood kittens that you can set your watch on when they visit.

Inside, your pet may not have VIP status and be able to walk through velvet leashes. Since a good bodyguard service costs about $20 an hour these days, builders have set up pocket gated isolation doors with frosted glass inserts. They took them out of the cabinet and let the pets see movement through the glass.

This might work for kids and some pets, but my Boston terrier can stand behind the couch and jump on top of a standard couch without running like it doesn’t exist. That’s all for a 30″ slider in the cabinet.

Artificial turf for pets has been around for a while. Some even include chemical treatments that force animals to excrete on plastic turf instead of your vegetables. It’s hard to imagine so-called pheromones lasting more than a season or two, but perhaps pets have gotten so used to the surface that it becomes a preference, smell or not.

According to Gold, the laundry room has become a collection of pet supplies. Feeding stations, glass-enclosed pet washing stations, underfloor heating and dry areas, and more. It all proves once again that if you want it and have the money, designers and builders will get your wish.

The best is probably the growing number of pet TV networks. Owners are turning high-definition screens into “pet lounges” with a variety of channels. Also includes music channels designed to soothe pets.

Powell is the public information officer for the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, which provides this column as a community service. For questions or concerns about animals you would like to know about, please email [email protected]


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