Is This Portable Mac Mini What Photographers Have Been Looking For?

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Occasionally, crazy and genius equivalent creations will appear. Some may laugh at the idea of ​​a portable Mac Mini, but I think many photographers can really benefit from owning a Mac Mini.

Finding creative solutions to niche problems has become much easier in the last few decades. Thanks to YouTube sharing free technical knowledge and increasing accessibility of 3D printing, you can realize new ideas. One of the makers who agrees with that sentiment is Scott Yu-Jan, a YouTuber and maker who has assigned himself the task of making the Mac Mini portable.

The video begins by explaining why Yu-Ja hates laptops and how he came up with a better solution for working on his computer while traveling. Yu-Ja continues to talk about his design process and Eureka’s moment when he realized he could pair it with an iPad Mini that already owns a Mac Mini. From there, combining these two devices is just a 3D printing of a sleek looking housing, and the results are pretty impressive.

This creation relies on a cable connection between the iPad and Mac Mini and an app called Duet, so they can communicate with each other. The fact that the iPad is used as a screen also means that users can benefit from the touchscreen features of the device. Yu-Jan also uses an Apple pencil on his iPad. This means you can control your computer directly on the screen with a pencil. I find something appealing to many photographers who are already accustomed to pen-tablet combinations in their workflows.

This particular creation still depends on the mains, but it doesn’t take long to make it truly portable with some kind of battery pack. Many photographers already have a solution to power their gear while on the go, so you won’t even have to buy extra for this setup to work. This portable Mac Mini will have some fluttering wings, but I think this combination of devices can benefit some photographers from using it. Especially if you already own a Mac Mini and iPad.

What do you think of this portable Mac Mini? Do you think you will make it yourself? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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