Is this the Mac Studio design? Here’s what we know

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last week, 9to5Mac Apple has exclusively reported that it is developing a new “Mac Studio” desktop machine as a high-end replacement for the existing Mac mini. Now, the new leak claims to have seen for the first time the intended design of Mac Studio and Apple’s more affordable design to replace the Pro Display XDR.

Is this a Mac Studio design?

This leak is due to YouTuber Luke Miani, who has a proven track record of mixing with Apple’s leaks. For example, before the launch of the new MacBook Pro model last year, Miani claimed that the machine was limited to 32GB of RAM and had an illuminated Touch ID button. Neither of these panted out.

According to Miani, the new Mac Studio and low-cost external display will be unveiled at tomorrow’s “Peek Performance” Apple event.This will come later 9to5Mac Reported on Mac Studio development last week Bloomberg’■ Mark Gurman and trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported on the show over the weekend.

The Mac Studio design shown here is described as similar to a stack of two current Mac mini models. The machine features a silver design with rounded edges. It’s reportedly about the same size as the current M1 Mac mini, but 4 inches tall.

Meanwhile, the new display features a design inspired by the Pro Display XDR and the latest 24-inch iMac. The difference is that it is reportedly measured diagonally 27 inches, larger than the 24-inch iMac, and smaller than the 32-inch Pro Display XDR. It also doesn’t have a Pro Display XDR grid pattern on the back, nor does it have a Pro Stand.

9to5Mac Reported exclusively on Mac Studio last week. According to our sources, the machine has been tested in two different configurations. One has an M1 Max chip and the other has a new chip that is even more powerful than the M1 Max. According to our sources, the new MacStudio is codenamed “J375” internally.

Again, given Miani’s various achievements, I’ll treat this leak with some skepticism. Nonetheless, these renderings are interesting to watch as they continue to imagine how Mac Studio fits into Apple’s lineup. We learned more from Apple’s “Peak Performance” event tomorrow at 10am (Pacific Standard Time) / 1pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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