It Finally Looks Like Wall Art

It Finally Looks Like Wall Art

Samsung’s frame is a television intended to look like a work of art hung on a wall when the power is off. When I tested it last year, I was impressed with the 2021 version of the frame, but it still took a bit of imagination to be sure it was a real work of art. However, this year the 2022 version of the frame has been truly promoted. A matte display, improved anti-glare, and art mode make your screen useful all day long.

Frame TV has some new software features such as NFT Gallery for displaying tokens. However, it’s not much different from the 2021 version of Frame, except for glare reduction and on-screen tweaks. If you don’t need or need your TV as wall art, you can skip this year’s model. There are cheaper and more technologically advanced TVs out there. If you’re interested in a slim wall-mounted TV that can easily display your photos and paintings, the 2022 frame is for you.


Strong Points:

  • Great anti-glare technology
  • Customizable with additional snap-on edges


  • TV smart software felt slow
  • A nifty NFT app is dull at best

Purchased at Samsung.

Best feature

Samsung the frame 2022
Comparing the frame (front) with the LG OLED TV behind it, you can see the difference in screen finish and reflectance in a bright room.
Tyler Haze

I tested a 55 inch frame TV with a standard black bezel. This is a QLED 4K TV with HDR. It has all the latest smart features you’d expect from a TV, including downloadable apps, AirPlay, and selectable voice assistants. The TV has tempted me to watch multiple shows at once with split screen software. But the absolute best thing about this TV is the matte display with anti-reflective technology.

Yes, matte display is a big win to enhance the art mode of TV. This makes the frame look more like a home decor than the previous model. But with anti-reflective technology and a matte display, you can enjoy watching shows and movies even in a room full of sun. My current LG OLED TV looks great in bright colors and impossible dark black, but it’s hard to see all day because of the way it reflects light.

I was surprised when I installed the frame directly in front of the LG TV. At the same angle and lighting conditions, there were no recognizable reflections on the frame. The LG TV looked like a mirror when compared. I moved the frame to different parts of the house and displayed the frame in different lighting conditions, all with excellent results. Even in a room with minimal reflections, I enjoyed the fact that there was no sign of an object shining on the screen.

When it comes to color, matte displays don’t seem to interfere with color dramatically. We found that there are various preset display modes, such as dynamic and movie, which make a difference depending on the content you are watching.Streaming Force Awakening, Images in movie mode weren’t blown away more than in dynamic mode.Choosing dynamic was suitable during play MLB: Show However, with Nintendo Switch.

The black and dark colors weren’t as deep as my LG OLED and weren’t clear on the frame, but I was still happy with the visual results. Very few, if any, reminders of when the shadows and dark scenes of the show looked gray and faded. By fine-tuning the settings, you can get closer to the visual preferences that most people want.

There are sensors that automatically adjust the screen brightness and color, but I preferred to fine-tune the settings myself. In the brightest room, the sensors were so capricious that the changes on the screen were sudden and jarring. Similarly, I wasn’t lucky with the motion sensor trying to detect if you were in the room. For some people, the sensor may help, but I’ve only found it a bit frustrating.

Samsung the frame 2022
The biggest difference between the 2021 and 2022 versions of the frame is the new matte display.
Tyler Haze

NFT gallery etc.

The software for the T2022 frame is different from the 2021 model. The layout is different and the same app cannot be used. The most notable example is probably the Nifty app to showcase NFTs purchased through the platform. Samsung advertised this feature when it announced this new TV earlier this year. I didn’t find a compelling tokenized experience. It would be even more convenient if Samsung had partnered with OpenSea for NFT owners, but for now it’s still not easy to view the NFTs they own.

On the 2021 frame TV, we found that art mode was the slowest and slowest part of the overall experience. I didn’t notice the same in the 2022 version. Moving through the artwork felt natural and without delay. As I was moving through other parts of the TV interface, I noticed a slight delay that was frustrating over time. When I was watching a baseball game on the MLB app, clicking the settings button on the remote control caused the app to freeze and crash. To meet all your streaming needs, we recommend getting a Roku or Apple TV.

The 2022 frame will continue to come with a SlimOne Connect box. It’s worth mentioning the greatness of this feature. One very thin opaque cable connects the port box to the back of the TV. This cable also supplies power. You didn’t have to reach behind the TV to connect the HDMI cable, and the Entertainment Center had easy access to this SlimOne Connect box. The lack of a direct HDMI port on the TV can be a hassle, but in all my testing and use I’ve found it to be useful rather than annoying.

Need to buy a Samsung frame (2022)?

Over the last decade, I’ve focused on the listed specifications of new TVs to see which TVs have the latest features. There weren’t many utilities offered on TV other than the appearance of the panel. That’s why it led me to my current LGO LED TV. It looks great when I can see it. Its glossy display reflects from every angle in the room, making it difficult to watch a wide range of the day.

For the first time, we are seriously considering replacing high-spec electronic devices with low-qualification electronic devices. Frames aren’t leaning forward when it comes to their visual performance, but they’re also not the most technologically advanced. Instead, its matte display and anti-reflective technology are very attractive to my situation and more convincing than originally expected.

The TV may fit in only one place in the room, and if you have uncovered windows or bright lighting, you just have to deal with it. Currently, the latest version of the frame provides a solid solution to that problem. In addition, you can view your photos and paintings when you’re not streaming the show.

Purchased at Samsung from $ 599 (32-inch model).

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