It Turns Out Richard Gere Is an Extremely Savvy Photography Collector—and He’s Selling His Star-Studded Holdings at Christie’s

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Movie star Richard Gere is accustomed to being the subject of a photographer. However, the actors also have a keen appreciation for the people behind the lens, as evidenced by the stellar photo collection coming to Christie’s later this month.

The more than 150 images that Gere has accumulated over the years represent the history of media capsules in the 19th and 20th centuries. The herd includes works by 19th-century innovators such as Gustave Le Gray and Carlton Watkins, as well as key figures in modern history such as Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston, Richard Avedon, Tina Modotti, Diane Arbus, and Sally Mann. is included.

Photographer Herb Ritts photographed the actor in a smoldering portrait in 1977. This definitely helped both men start their careers. A personal friendship with Ritts helps Gere take the media, and the artist behind the lens, seriously. Many of the works in his collection were obtained directly from the photographer himself.

Many of the photographs Gia collected, such as Richard Avedon’s portrait of Bob Dylan, feature dramatic lighting and striking subjects (Gear was Billy the Kid’s in the 2007 film. Played a role I’m not there, It was based on Dylan’s music). “My basic tool as an actor is emotion,” Gere said in a press release. “So I think most of the photos I answer have narrative suggestions or mysterious flicker.”

Richard Avedon, Bob Dylan, Folk Singer, New York City (1963). Courtesy of Christie’s Images, Ltd.

In an interview about selling with Hollywood ReporterGere hesitated to classify himself as an art collector and instead said, “I’m just starting to buy what I like.”

The actor explained that he was attracted to the media from an early age and was initially interested in the process of film development and image printing. “I tried different processes in my photography, from salt to platinum, silver, and almost everything in between,” Gere said. THR. Regardless of the printing process, he said, “It’s just a suggestion, the mind creates images and stories. The brain creates images.”

The collection, estimated at $ 2 million, will be on display at Christie’s Los Angeles Gallery in Beverly Hills from March 23rd to 26th. Online sales will take place from March 23rd to April 7th, 2022.

Diane Arbus, 42nd Street Cinema Audience, New York (1958).  Courtesy of Christie's Images, Ltd.

Diane Arbus, 42nd Street Movie Theater Audience, NYC (1958). Courtesy of Christie’s Images, Ltd.

ハーブ・リッツ、<i>Octopus Hollywood Jimon</ i>(1989).  Courtesy of Christie’s Images, Ltd.  “width =” 784 “height =” 1024 “srcset =” 1989-784×1024.jpg 784w,×300.jpg 230w,×50.jpg 38w, https://news.artnet .com / app / news-upload / 2022/03 / HERB-RITTS-1952-2002-Djimon-with-Octopus-Hollywood-1989-1470×1920.jpg 1470w “size =” (max-width: 784px) 100vw, 784px ” /></p>
<p class=Herb Ritts, Octopus and Jimon, Hollywood (1989). Courtesy of Christie’s Images, Ltd.

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