Italian Sustainability Photo Award 2022


The Italian Sustainability Photo Award is a photography award created to inform the world about Italy’s sustainability, and is usually inspired by the values ​​that are acronyms for ESG (Environment, Society, Governance). Is used in the economic / financial sector and is synonymous with commitment. Innovation and consciousness.

ISPA wants to tell The story of Italy’s progress towards a more sustainable future.. In this way, photography is a privileged tool that provides evidence of good practice with positive effects through image immediacy. Also this year, ISPA is looking for a positive story focused on Italy for transformation. A country on the road to a future of conscious growth, innovation and courageous choices. The contest is free and open to all photographers, both Italian and foreign, with no age restrictions.

Sustainability of environmental, social and sustainable governance are three areas of competition in which photographers must pursue sustainability, a key theme and concept of sustainable development. Three themes summarized in the acronym of financial ESG (Environment, society, governance), Innovation, rights and obligations, accessible well-being, environmental protection and biodiversity.

In the first two editions, more than 1,000 photographers from 52 different nationalities participated in the contest, and more than 5,500 photographers from around the world participated.

The project is chaired by journalist Tiziana Ferrario, Alessia Glaviano (Vogue & Photo Vogue Festival), Antonio Carloni (Gallerie D’Italia’s Arts, Culture and Historical Heritage Division), Lucy Conticello (Director M, Photograph at Le Monde Weekend Magazine) , Mads Nissen (WPP award-winning photographer and staff photographer for Politiken, a leading Danish newspaper).

Prizes and deadlines:

  • Submission by March 15-A grant of € 10,000 for the production of a photography project to be carried out in Italy between April and October 2022.
  • Submitted by 5 September-Best Single Photo Award for € 1500.
  • Submitted by September 5-3,500 Euros Best Photo History Award.

The rules and instructions for submitting a work are:



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