Ithaca based installation artists awarded no-strings-attached $50,000 fellowship


Ithaca, NY — A place to remap the distance between art and architecture is Dream the Combine, a creative practice based in Ithaca by Professors Jennifer Newsom and Tom Cursers of Cornell University.

“Usually there are disciplinary boundaries that depend on how someone else was raised to think about what you are doing,” Carruthers said. “That is, some people are doing art, while others are doing architecture.”

The projects that Dream the Combine pursues are broadly defined as installation art and architecture. These are site-specific works, usually aimed at changing the way people perceive space, like installations. LiquidationIt consists of a carefully angled mirror mounted on a metal pole in the field. The conflicting views of the field appear to float on each other. Reflections overlay other reflections to create a collage from the life of the plant and the horizon of clearing.


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