It’s the Don’t Move, Improve! 2022 shortlist

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Don’t move, improve! 2022 candidate list revealed

Don’t move, improve! A list of candidates for 2022 has been announced, celebrating all shape and size conversions, expansions and redesigns in London.

Are you looking for an architect to outsource for the expansion of your home? Is the interior design of the apartment refreshed with a card? Or are you just looking for inspiration on how to turn a home in a cramped era into a family home inspired by bright and airy minimalist architecture? Don’t move, improve! A list of candidates for 2022 that has just been released to the world today. The popular London-wide architectural competition, sponsored by New London Architecture (NLA, a dedicated center for the capital that focuses on the building environment), is smart and strategic to prove that larger is not always good. It’s been 13 years since we celebrated the great movement. Talent, the right architect, and some bold design movements, any domestic space can be transformed to suit your needs.

This year’s list of candidates includes 15 refurbishment projects across the UK capital. There are rear extensions and up expansions. Bright colors and neutral interior. And there’s a lot of modern 21st-century atmosphere in historic brick shells, including many of the building types that are common throughout London.

Tuscan veranda by Turner Architects. Photo: Adam Scott

Don’t move, improve! 2022 Candidate List

  • Artist Studio Conversion by Vatraa
  • Tuscan veranda by Turner Architects
  • Bay window house by Gandley + Ducker
  • Church Road by AHMM with Rough Architects
  • Coffer House by Proctor & Shaw
  • Concrete pedestal house by DGN Studio
  • Curve appeal by Nimtim Architects
  • Forest house by AOC
  • Little Brownings by Archmongers
  • Non Boxy Lofty by Fraher & Findlay
  • Pergola House by Benjamin Wilkes
  • Pink house by Oliver Reach
  • Shoji Mansion by Proctor & Show
  • Slides and Slot House by Ashton Porter Architects
  • Transitions by Red Squirrel Architects

The jury, consisting of NLA director Amy Chadwicktil, architect Philkovy, journalist Anna White, engineer Sebastian Wood, and real estate expert Kunleverker, will meet earlier this year. From the abundant applications, we have compiled a list of this diverse and abundant candidate. Winners will be selected from this list and will be announced in May 2022.

“This year’s entries delighted the judges with their innovative approach to structure, layout, materials and colors,” says Chadwick Till. “We wanted creativity, creativity, livability, cost-effectiveness, environmental impact and consideration for local conditions. Stay still, improve! Great throughout the city! We are very pleased to have another candidate list that introduces a wide range of budgets, building styles, locations and homeowner needs, as it aims to encourage domestic design.


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