James Cameron’s Avatar 2 Concept Art: Na’vi Kids, Water Lizard

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Na'vi's kid is holding a big lizard head on Pandora's beach in this concept art of Avatar 2.

Avatar 2 concept art featuring Navi’s children.
image: Entertainment Weekly / Fox

Just about a year from this moment, the audience is lined up to see Avatar 2..or at least James Cameron hopes so.. Cameron’s 2009 movie sequel, Which Continue to be the most profitable movie ever, Will be released on December 16, 2022. And the new concept art makes us see the new thing for the first time. main character: Children of Jake and Neytiri.

This is the image above. Entertainment WeeklyThere is a new interview with Cameron and his producer partner Jon Landau.The pair once again discuss what the movie will look like Mainly installed underwater It will be held 14 years after the original event. In other words, the children of Jake and Neytiri became part of the main character.You can see mOre image from the work of this tweet from the official Avatar account.

“in the end, The sequel is a family story, And the length that parents experience to keep their families together and keep them safe, “Landau said. “I always say that Jim’s movies have a universal theme.aReally, no theme is as universal as a family. “

of course, We have heard this for years.. Avatar 2 Originally scheduled for release in December 2014, Cameron eventually said that if he wanted to make a movie underwater, he and his team would Invent new technology to enable filming Underwater —d All actors need to be trained So they will be able to hold their breath Acting in the water, everything looked real. As a result of that training, stars Sigourney Weaver (playing a new mystery role since the character died in the last movie) and Kate Winslet (playing Ronal, a member of the new Metkayina tribe living in the water) each breathe for up to 7 minutes. You can stop it.

“One of my favorite memories was a large glass portal in a 40-foot-wide circular tank. One day I walked around and Kate Winslet was walking to the bottom of the tank. You can see, “Randau said. “She is walking towards me, looking at me in the window, just waving, reaching the edge of the wall, looking back, walking all the way back.”

To be honest, this seems like so much work for something that no one is even sure if the audience wants, above all Cameron. “The big problems are:Are you going to make damn money? “Cameron said. “Big and expensive movies need to make a lot of money. We are in a new world, Post streaming.Maybe them [box office] The numbers will never be seen again. who knows? It’s all a big part of the dice. “

A roll of dice where two little kids caress a giant water lizard. not yet-Untitled Avatar 2 Will come here a year later. Head to EW More from Cameron..

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