Jerry Tovo’s portraits show homeless veterans

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As a training sergeant during the Vietnam War, it was Jerry Tobo’s job to shape the mind and body of the young soldiers deployed in combat. Tobo then became a successful commercial photographer, but in 2012 he traveled the country to record the veteran homeless crisis with a camera lens aimed at the kind of man he once worked with. did.

A portrait of Tobo’s veterans, captured in his characteristic high-contrast black-and-white, was first introduced at the Missouri History Museum exhibition in 2014 and was exhibited at a new exhibition at the International Photo Hall of Fame later this month. rice field.

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St. Louis Public Radio

Former Drill Sergeant Jerry Tobo is behind a new exhibition of portraits of homeless veterans.

on Wednesday’s St. Louis on the AirTobo initially explained that he was inspired by a wave of media coverage of veterans who lived on the streets suffering from addiction, trauma and the homeless.

His style of photography, which he described as showing “people wearing his life on the face,” seemed suitable for capturing powerful images of homeless veterans.

“I thought this would be something interesting,” Tovo recalled. “Maybe I can do some sort of awareness campaign and motivate some people to do something about it.”

Together with St. Louis, Tobo visited multiple cities and photographed the tough portraits to be presented in the next exhibition. Faced with Patriotism: Homeless Veterans Project, It will open in the International Photo Hall on March 30th.

Finding his subject turned out to be difficult, at least initially.

Hear: Point the lens at a homeless veteran

“I learned that I couldn’t join the community without a plan,” he said, and learned to work with local groups to find veterans who were willing to take pictures. ..

Mr Tobo said he hopes his photos will surprise viewers and make these veterans look at all humanity and value. Their faces should confront the reality in which they live and “hit some people next to their heads, motivate them, and do something about it,” he added.

“They aren’t just the empty bodies out there, or such ass or things,” Tobo said. “These are people.”

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what: Faced with Patriotism: Homeless Veterans Project
When: March 30th to June 11th, 2022
Location: International Photography Hall of Fame, 3415 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63103

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