Join Artnet for a Week of Performance Art, Poetry Readings and Events in Decentraland During Metaverse Art Week

Join Artnet for a Week of Performance Art, Poetry Readings and Events in Decentraland During Metaverse Art Week

What does it mean to experience art in the Metaverse?

Since Artnet was founded in 1989, it has remained at the forefront of critical conversations about art and technology. Now we invite you to explore the Metaverse with us—to experience art in a whole new way.

In a nod to the idea of Happeningsa term first coined by artist Allan Kaprow in 1959, Artnet presents a brand new curatorial project, entitled “Art happens @ Decentraland.” Performance artists, poets and even AI will come together to interact in the virtual world of Decentraland and offer an unpredictable program of participatory experiences in the virtual world.

Organized with the VERSUSan organization that advocates for poets working with NFTs, Art happens @ Decentraland” comes as part of the third edition of Metaverse Art Week. In Artnet’s pavilion you will be able to share a story with international artist Wei Hsinyen under a (virtual) red umbrella for her unique performance piece A small umbrella Ⅱ. You can also embrace the world of crypto-native poetry, with readings by critically acclaimed authors including Sasha Stiles, Kalen Iwamoto, Ana Maria Caballero, Elisabeth Sweet, Johnny Dean Mann, Nicole Tallman, Christian Bök, Gisel Florez, and more.

“We put this project together with theVERSEverse with the goal of exploring the Metaverse in a way that provokes thought and creates truly unique encounters with art,” explained Jiayin Chen, Artnet’s Director of NFTs. “We wanted to bring our audience in to experience something uniquely valuable in the virtual world.”

Several Decentraland Arts Week events will take place in the Poetry Garden.

The Artnet Information Center & Poetry Garden

Start your visit to Decentraland at the Artnet Information Centre! Here you will learn everything about Artnet, from our foundation in 1989 to today. The booth’s interior is inspired by a 1980s office, reminiscent of Artnet’s very first space.

Imagine for a moment that it is 1989. Fax machines are still used for communication, the popular personal computer was Apple’s Macintosh II, and a culture of secrecy still prevails in the art market.

Artnet launched the world’s first fine art price database that year, just as Tim Berners-Lee launched his proposal for the World Wide Web. A few years later, in 1996, Artnet Magazine was born as an online journal – in fact, it was one of the first online art publishing initiatives. And in 2001, when even buying books on the Internet was still considered a novelty, Artnet started selling art online. Throughout the Artnet Information Center you will find hints back to this history and heritage.

A dedicated poetry garden is adjacent to the Artnet Information Centre. Here you will find scheduled and impromptu lectures and performancesalong with digital animals created by artist Jonas Lund.

PS Don’t leave the booth until you’ve grabbed your very own Artnet ball cap that your avatar can sport as they visit our various Art Week programs.

Read below for the full event schedule.

The Art Plaza in Decentraland

Program schedule

*Due to capacity on Decentraland, each artist can only accommodate up to 100 participants in the same “Island”.

Wednesday, August 24

Art in the Metaverse: A conversation with Anika Meier, Manuel Rossner and Thomas Webb

Time: 12pm EST

Live AI poetry generation and discussion with the VERSE with data poet Ross Goodwin

Time: 15:00 EST

Thursday, August 25

Impromptu poetry readings by VV, CryptoWriters and the poetry community

Time: All day

Poetry reading by Ana Maria Caballero

Time: 11:00 AM EST

Friday, August 26

A METAVERSAL POETRY READING WITH THE VERSE, featuring Sasha Stiles, Kalen Iwamoto, Ana Maria Caballero, Elisabeth Sweet, Johnny Dean Mann, Nicole Tallman, Christian GoatGisel Florez, Nathaniel Stern, and more

Time: 12pm EST

Saturday, August 27

Panel discussion: Code poetry and metaversal literature with Sasha Stiles, Ana Maria Caballero, Kalen Iwamoto, Gisel Florez

Time: 12pm EST

Pop-up poetry readings by the legendary conceptual poet and artist Christian Bök

Time: 18:00 EST

Sunday, August 28

Live AI Poetry Reading of “THE WORD TO US” with Sasha Stiles and Nathaniel Stern

Time: 15:00 EST

Daily, August 24-28

A small umbrella Ⅱa performance by Hsinyen Wei

(RSVP here for a 5 minute walk with the artist)

Time: 9:00am-11:40am EST

Make sure you join us Discord server to keep track of all our activities for the week!

We will have a dedicated channel with this schedule. Feel free to leave any questions about our activities for the week in the general chat channel, and our community team will be happy to help.

See you in Decentraland!

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