Juno beach clean up with pro surfer, surf photographer, Kona Brewing


A beautiful beach that combines glass waves with a gentle offshore breeze is the dream of most surfers.

Surf photographer Sara Lee (left) and professional surfer Anna Gudauskas enjoy a few cold Kona beers after cleaning up the beach at Rockaway Beach in New York.

But in reality, even if you have that dream teeth In reality, it is probably contaminated with plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts, old shoes, etc.

Dirty beaches aren’t new and, thankfully, they’re usually not enough to ruin a good day, but what can we do to curb this tragedy?

Surfer Anna Gudauskas and surf photographer Sarah Lee are on a mission to tackle this issue this summer in partnership with Kona Brewing Company.

Called the “Catch a Clean Wave” tour, they have launched an eight-stop tour down the east coast that will stop at Juno Beach next week. At each stop, the pair surfs with the locals, drinks a glass or two of beer, and picks up trash from the beach.

The waves were glassy and fun for Anna Gudauskas in Maine and surf photographer Sara Lee, but the water was a bit nippy at 52 degrees.

Beyond raising awareness talks and social media campaigns, Gudauskas and Lee roll up their sleeves, pick up trash, and get things done.

This campaign is in its second year and will have its first tour down the west coast from Washington State to Southern California in 2021.

During the tour, their team picked up about £ 250 of trash.


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