Jupiter Meta Launches India’s First Fully Curated NFT Marketplace


Announcing the “Singara Chennai Icon” project consisting of 12 art pieces in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – Business Wire India The first fully curated NFT Marketplace in India was developed by Jupiter Meta. , Will be released on February 23rd. The Digital Marketplace focuses on areas such as music, movies, and games, creating unique experiences for each user and helping everyone get the most out of their time in the Metaverse. Jupiter Meta, co-founded by Sathyan Rajan and Chakradhar Reddy Kommera, will expand in the growing Web 3.0 space as startups aim to engage people more and bring a personal feel to the Metaverse interaction.

The Jupiter Meta market is backed by a unique Level 1 Rubix blockchain technology with zero gas charges. Blockchain is environmentally friendly, sustainable and 100% secure, giving users a quick and safe experience.

To commemorate the essence of Chennai, the company will also launch the country’s first digital wall art, dubbed the “Singara Chennai Icon”. This project is a collection of digital art pieces of monuments, places, food, places of worship, beaches, and other iconic representations that capture the spirit of the city. These items reflect the city’s past, present and future and will be sold as NFTs for those who own it on the Jupiter Metamarketplace. Each piece is part of a larger art project and, depending on its size and representation, is worth the associated value. The art of the project is led by Karthik SS of 108 Collective. The collaboration group is famous for its surreal and abstract style and has developed many installations throughout India. The digital project features a Chennai group perspective, rendered through a blend of artist creativity and historical background. The artist also physically recreates the art on the walls of a popular location in Chennai as part of a beautification drive. Manasa Rajan, Business Head of Jupiter Meta, said: We are witnessing the beginning of a revolutionary change in what Web 3.0 can do for us and we are delighted to begin our journey in the market. At this point, we all define pop culture, which will be even bigger. “As someone with strong roots in Chennai, this project is very personal. It’s a celebration of Chennai, its people, language and taste. And the city’s proud technology. As an artist, Metaverse is me. It’s huge for us and new opportunities are everywhere, “says Karthik SS.

Jupiter Meta owns an NFT and sells it in that market. There are 12 artworks, and the company plans to sell multiple copies of each. To purchase NFTs, buyers must register on the marketplace and open a wallet account. NFTs are sold at a fixed price.

Link to Marketplace: http: //www.jupitermeta.io About JupiterMeta JupiterMeta is India’s first fully curated NFT marketplace. Founded in 2021 by industry veterans Sathyan Rajan and Chakradhar Reddy Kommera, Jupiter Meta enables users to buy, sell and trade NFTs in various segments such as music, film, art and culture. A personalized and immersive digital experience. The company aims to expand the concept of India’s Metaverse and include everyone as part of a seamlessly connected digital reality. Jupiter Meta runs on a unique 100% safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable Level 1 blockchain technology with zero gas charges, enabling users to deliver a fast and secure experience.

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