Kao’s MyKirei Brand Debuts Reusable Packaging


“beautiful”: In Japanese culture, this word is used to describe clean, orderly and beautiful things at the same time. Kao Corporation, based in Japan, is a MyKirei personal care brand that realizes a beautiful lifestyle plan, which is an ESG (environment, society, governance) strategy, makes daily life more beautiful, and makes socially friendly choices. I promise. And make the world cleaner.

Kao’s first product was launched in an AIR bottle. This is a flexible yet stiff package that dispenses three times more products than hard plastic pump bottles and reduces plastic usage by 50%.Introduced in 2019, MyKirei has joined the company’s more well-known US brands such as Ban, Bioré, Curél, Jergens and John Frieda. MyKirei contains plant-based, biodegradable, vegan-friendly hair and body care products. Backed by Kao’s ESG strategy, the brand is also the center of innovation for new sustainable packaging. The company launched its first product line, including shampoos, conditioners and hand washers, and unveiled the AIR bottle, a flexible yet rigid package. It distributes three times as much product as hard plastic pump bottles and reduces plastic usage by 50%.

With subsequent product introductions, Kao has continued to innovate with two more carefully designed packaging platforms. Bottle for Life for hand wash and body wash products, and Eco-Pouch and Eco-Holder systems for lotions. And innovation includes aesthetics and functionality as well as packaging sustainability.

Simple and fun cleanliness

Given that consumers are focused on creating a cleaner and healthier environment for themselves in 2020, the second product line launched by the MyKirei brand will be Yuzu Flower in April 2020. Both Foam Hand Wash and Pampering Yuzu Foam Body Wash are now Bottle for Life. Refillable, reusable bottle. In these products, both formula and packaging embody beauty, sustainability, innovation, functionality and cleanliness, and with a new delivery system for hand washing, the company’s “one of the most important things right now”. A little fun is added to. Self-care task of the day. “

The “rich texture” hand wash and “cloud cream” body wash foam formulas include rice water and citrus yuzu fruit, which eliminates parabens, phthalates and minerals to protect the skin and the environment. Follow the Japanese tradition of avoiding harsh cleansers. Oils and dyes. The product’s advanced foam technology does not require water to whisk and rinses cleanly and completely.

According to the company, foaming body wash is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of bathing yuzu, an annual ritual that symbolizes and promotes cleanliness and health a year ahead.

MyKirei Body Wash is offered in a reusable Bottle for Life. Combined with a refill pouch, it reduces plastic by more than 85% compared to traditional rigid bottles.MyKirei Body Wash is offered in a reusable Bottle for Life. Combined with a refill pouch, it reduces plastic by more than 85% compared to traditional rigid bottles.Kao’s in-house designed packaging system in Tokyo also aims to promote environmental cleanliness in this case. A soft-shaped high-density polyethylene bottle with a size of 8.5 ounces for hand washing and 20.3 ounces for body wash, designed to be reused up to 100 times, is a durable, reusable, one-handed pump. dispenser. The refills are packaged in 6.8 ounces and 16.3 ounces of flexible stand-up pouches for hand washing and body wash, respectively, reducing plastic by more than 85% compared to hard packages.

The refill pouch is advertised on the back panel as “100% recyclable” and has an asterisk to show consumers the website of the upcycler TerraCycle. From this site, consumers can download prepaid shipping labels from TerraCycle (linked from Kao’s website) and use them to ship used packages.

Regarding the structure of the bottle, Kao USA brand director Marissa Valllillo says the designer chose a clean and simple shape that fits My Kirei’s suggestion. Hand-washing bottles are more rounded and have a ridge function that curves along the upper left corner of the bottle. The container for body soap has a more elongated rectangular shape. Both bottles are decorated with a full-body shrink label made of oriented polystyrene gravure-printed in five colors to provide a soft feel on a matte surface.

According to Vallillo, bottles and pumps are very carefully designed for ease of use for children, the elderly, and people with a variety of disabilities. “In an era when hand washing became very important, we wanted to make sure that we were creating something that could be accessed by all different groups of people,” she says. “At Kao, one of our branding standards is to create products that are accessible to everyone. We respect this effort with every innovation.”

MyKirei's Yuzu Flower Foam Hand Wash comes in a reusable life bottle that distributes soap in the form of flowers.MyKirei’s Yuzu Flower Foam Hand Wash comes in a reusable life bottle that distributes soap in the form of flowers.As mentioned earlier, hand-washing pumps also bring surprises. Two dispenser designs, Yuzu Flower and Poprint (released July 2021), dispense foam products in the form of Japanese flower or dog footprints. The latter style was created to please young consumers. “We wanted to create an exciting shape for everyone and turn a mundane job into a fun experience,” said Vallillo.

For its own new dispenser, instead of using the traditional pump shape, the Yuzu Flower Dispenser and the Poprint Dispenser consist of an upward semicircle with the dispenser facing down. When the consumer turns the bottle upside down and presses the dispenser into his hand, the product is pushed into the notch design inside the pump to create the desired foam shape.

Valillo describes the pump design process as follows: It was important that the function of the pump could be used with one hand and that it was pushed down to create the desired shape. She adds that one of her challenges was to perfect the shape in the pump design and formula. “To develop the perfect product, we had to adjust both,” she says.

Yuzu Flower Foam Hand Wash and Pampering Yuzu Foam Body Wash products are available on the MyKirei website and Amazon.com. The price of a life bottle hand wash and body wash is $ 18. Refills for flexible pouches are $ 12.50 per piece.

Vallillo said: “Refill sales are very strong and many repeaters just buy refills. They are cheaper and do a great job of reducing plastic.”

She adds that hand washing with a pump dispenser of flowers and footprints is also very popular. “Yuzu Flower Foam Hand Wash is constantly sold out, and Poprint Hand Wash has a lot of traction.”

Decorative lotion holders utilize Japanese culture

Launched in October 2021, the next product, MyKirei, takes the reusable / refillable concept to another level of competitive value. The packaging system is for the new Soothing Peony Milky Lotion and consists of an eco-holder decorative holder and an eco-pouch, a flexible film pouch that holds the product and is inserted into the holder for dispensing. Together, the company claims that holders and refills help reduce plastic by 75% compared to traditional hard lotion packages.

Two options for decorative and refillable eco-holders for MyKirei's new lotion were designed using the artwork of renowned Japanese artists.Two options for decorative and refillable eco-holders for MyKirei’s new lotion were designed using the artwork of renowned Japanese artists.Like Bottle for Life, Eco Holders and Eco Pouches were developed in-house by Kao engineers in Tokyo. Valillo said: “Our goal was to launch this new Soothing Peony Milky Lotion in a highly sustainable package. Beautiful.. Many traditional lotions are packaged in large disposable bottles that cause a lot of plastic waste. Knowing that lotions are not refillable, we designed the eco pouch refill as an eco holder. “

The Eco Holder is a tall, thin cylindrical container made of virgin polypropylene designed to hold 11.5 ounces of flexible pouch refills. The holder is available in two designs decorated with traditional Japanese artwork by Shiori Kiuchi and Kota Matsumoto. Yusuke Taguchi was in charge of the color and graphic design of the bottle.

“We wanted to show how beautiful sustainability is by creating genuine custom Japanese prints on eco-bottles, which can be transferred forever, from refilling to refilling.” Says Valllillo. “The advantage of eco-pouches and holders is that you can use this package in multiple rooms in your house, such as kitchen counters, bathrooms, bedside tables, etc. Everywhere, the design looks great and compared to large plastic lotion bottles. We are significantly reducing plastics. “

There is an opening on the back of the eco-holder, and when the cap is removed, the refill is clipped to the neck of the holder and a reusable pump dispenser (sold with the pouch) is screwed into the neck of the refill pouch. If the pouch is empty, consumers can recycle the pouch via TerraCycle using the same system used for body and hand wash refill pouches.

The eco pouch refill snaps to the back of the eco holder at the neck, adding a reusable pump dispenser.The eco pouch refill snaps to the back of the eco holder at the neck, adding a reusable pump dispenser.MyKirei Soothing Peony Milky Lotion eco holders and pouches are also available on the MyKirei site and Amazon.com. Reusable decorative holders sell for $ 18 each and refill pouches for $ 14.

Some of the customer reviews found on the MyKirei site praise both the product and the packaging. For example, one consumer said, “Simple. Fun. Peaceful.” “I like the beautiful lifestyle philosophy. In a chaotic world, I always say” simple. ” Apart from that, I love this product. It’s a great way to evoke the beauty of the world with your products. Another person says. “I’ve never seen such an idea go into that product and packaging. MyKirei goes the entire 9 yards to ensure sustainability. I love the refill pouch holder. Easy to put on and take off. I can do it.”

These comments confirm that MyKirei has achieved its goal of achieving an ESG strategy with this new brand. “My Kirei was launched to embody the beautiful lifestyle plan promoted by Kao,” says Barilo. “All the elements of a brand are to make life more beautiful, whether it’s an amazing formula or format, or a package that leaves a safer footprint. Established brands are innovations in these packages. You can also take advantage of some of the to enrich the world Beautiful.. “


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