Kate Middleton’s royal photographer reveals how to take perfect Christmas photos

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Gather your family and take a perfect photo. Christmas Sometimes it looks like Mission Impossible. There are always people who are blinking, not looking at the camera, babies weeping, children frowning, or people with a lot of blurry shots.

Guest editing as part of our Christmas digital issue Martine McCutcheon, We talked to royal photographer Chris Floyd, the famous man behind Prince William When KateLove 10th wedding anniversary photo.. Chris’s portrait broke the internet in April as Cambridge showed an outward affection for each other, and his talent and skills were praised.

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Here he shares his top tips for taking perfect Christmas pictures with your loved ones …

Martine McCutcheon on Christmas Digital Cover

How to choose the best location

When shooting indoors or at home, place your subject close to the window with your back to the window so that the subject faces the window. It gets a lot of natural sunlight. Focus on the subject very carefully. This makes the background photo much darker, but makes the subject much brighter and gives dramatic contrast. The light from the windows is always gorgeous and the best.

When shooting outside, it’s actually better to shoot in the shade. Sunlight is the worst thing to make people look beautiful. Photographers love cloudy days because of this soft sunlight that makes the skin look beautiful and hides many things, but harsh sunlight can be very aggressive to people’s faces.

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Chris Floyd was the man behind William and Kate’s 10th wedding anniversary photo

How to choose the best time to take a picture

Either early morning or late afternoon or evening. During the summer, you’ll want to take pictures during the so-called golden hours, when the sun sets and the light is just above the tree limit. It’s magic. And you have exactly the same principle in the morning when the sun is rising.

On sunny days, the sun is high and you start to squint, so noon is the worst time to shoot a person. However, if it is cloudy, you can choose any time.

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How to shoot with a smartphone

You can control your exposure. Press and hold your finger on the screen for 3 seconds to lock the screen and display the slider to lighten or darken the screen. Everything on the iPhone looks a bit too bright, so it’s often a good idea to control the exposure. Use portrait mode – Everyone loves portrait mode. It makes everything more sexy!

His pictures showed that the royal family had an outward affection for each other.

How to make sure your eyes aren’t closed

Let’s take a lot of pictures. In a group of people, count “1, 2, 3 … 1, 2, 3 … 1, 2, 3 …” and take three pictures. Try to put people on a rhythm that doesn’t blink. If you take a lot of pictures of people like me, you will immediately notice the pattern of people’s blinks and know when to take pictures between blinks.

How to make sure your child and baby are all looking and smiling

There really are no rules for kids and babies! Bribes, sweets … Being with the kids means that you really have to do them and do what they do.

If you are taking pictures of your family, you can confuse and calm your family a bit. You can tell adults, “You are calm in all of these, just rocky and really stable, don’t try to sit still and make the kids laugh.” In fact, good photographers can handle what is thrown at them. So I want adults to ignore the chaotic children and make them the mess that is happening around them.

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If you want an adult to look at the camera or do what you want, the child will actually provide the magic and energy of photography. You need energy, otherwise it will be a bit boring and static. That way, if you know that the adult is sitting calmly, the photographer can focus on looking at the children and taking the right shots.

How to shoot a really unpleasant person in front of the camera

I have had a lot of experience with it. Really, it’s about being able to do your job without having to think about it, so you can focus all your energy on talking to someone who feels uncomfortable. You want to take them to the point where they forget why they are there.

Engage them in meaningful conversations. Have curiosity. Give them the opportunity to talk to you and listen to them. After all, that’s what I’m actually doing. Make connections with people, have conversations with them, and photos are a record of those conversations.

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