KBIS 2022: Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Wellness, Pot Fillers Get Reimagined, and More


It’s no secret that during the pandemic, remodeling, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, is unfolding at a tremendous pace. So it’s no wonder that cold and rainy weather kept architects, interior designers and contractors away from this year’s KBIS and IBS events. (Even in Florida!) The refrain on the ground among exhibitors was consistent: “We can’t believe how busy we are.”

That’s right. The crowd may not have reached shoulder-to-shoulder levels in the pre-COVID time, but turnout between the designated and exhibitors was just as healthy. This year, advertisement Editors are trolling shows in the kitchen and bath for the latest and greatest products. From finishing trends to the latest innovations in home technology, this is (part of) what we’ve seen. Check back tomorrow for KBIS and IBS coverage.

Gwyneth Paltrow talks about wellness

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Gwyneth Paltrow last week she advertisementIn the March issue of, we unveiled a Montecito house studded with fireplaces and spas. Designed by Roman and Williams, the interior decoration was done by Romanek Design Studio. Recently announced as a Monogram Partner, Paltrow, along with AD100 designer Bridget Romanek and Monogram Creative Director Richard T. Anuskievich, will be on stage at KBIS via Zoom to discuss continued trends in design wellness. I did.

“Wellness is a big part of the conversation for me because I want my clients to have the best possible life,” Romanek said in the panel. For Paltrow, several points were important in the layout of her home, such as her ability to cook and socialize and promote living indoors and outdoors. “We can all do small things in life to feel good mentally, mentally and physically,” she said. Romanek agreed: “The house must be a love letter to you.”

Spa sanctuary, pharmacist-inspired design, etc.

The House of Rohl brand family, which occupies a large pavilion in the West Hall, is debuting a host of innovative products that span hardware, washbasins, baths and showers. Xander Noori, a new busline design collaborator known as the Apothecary Collection, stood in the booth detailing how the carefully crafted silhouette of the hardware was drawn from the faceted contours of an antique bottle.

House of Rohl pharmacist collection.

Photo courtesy of House of Rohl

House of Rohl pharmacist collection.

Photo courtesy of House of Rohl

Proponents of personalized and colorful bathrooms will want to explore a palette inspired by the new architecture of the House of Rohl.Collaboration with wallpaper*, Three curated color families include Brazilian modernism palette (defined in rustic red, blue and green, evoking South American talent like Linabobaldi), Belgian minimalism (cold, calm gray, pastel). Includes), American post-modernism (bold) includes, poppy shades). Elsewhere in the booth, the geometric Riobel Ode Bath Collection, despite being launched this week, offers essentially timeless, aesthetically versatile fixtures.

Its versatility and sense of ease are passed through the show, especially in one fixture, the pot filler. Several manufacturers, including Perrin & Rohe and Rohl of the House of Rohl, talk about the “whole house moment” of faucets, from professional kitchen elements to pet station knee levels for filling bowls and washing dogs. I paid attention to the range up to the spout.



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