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December 1, 2021, Seoul, South Korea: Keith Haring’s original 1980s artwork will be released as an NFT for the popular digital asset management company Haru Invest. Sales are scheduled for December 1st to December 10th, 2021. “”Untitled Is considered a profitable investment with an average return on investment of 208%.

Hugo Lee, CEO of HaruInvest, is very optimistic about the sale and sees it as a unique opportunity for investors in the booming digital collectibles sector. He believes that NFTs with intrinsic value will be the true growth drivers of the future NFT market.

What does the NFT Sale offer?

The “Untitled” NFT features some of Keith Haring’s most iconic artwork, including acclaimed signatures, heart icons, and highly saturated primary colors. It also consists of a second smile that is a little different from the second version.

NFTs will be sold in a lottery format and applicants will enter the pool at the time of application. Lucky winners are randomly selected from a pool of potential buyers to get a chance to buy Keith Haring’s NFTs.

After purchase, the buyer must decide within a year whether to retain the digital NFT or replace it with the original artwork. When replaced with the original physical artwork, the NFT will be burned. If the buyer chooses to keep the NFT, the original physical artwork will be discarded.

Credits – TESSA Gallery

Keith Haring-Artist

Keith Allen Herring was an American artist whose pop art was born from the graffiti subculture of New York City in the 1980s. Many of his works contain sexual hints. Social causes by advocating using images Safe sex and HIV awareness.

Keith Haring’s popularity has grown in recent years, reaching 40th in the artist rankings in 2021 (since 75 in 2016), and auction volumes have tripled since 2010. His artwork shows a surge in the value of reducing S & P 500 inventories in the market index over the last two decades.

About Hull Invest

Released in 2019, Hull Invest Is the top digital asset management company that provides One of the best profits Market rates for BTC, ETH, and USDT deposits. With a total transaction volume of over $ 1 billion in November 2021, it has attracted customers from more than 130 countries around the world...

Haru Invest’s team comes from diverse backgrounds with long experience in blockchain technology. Members have been successful with various financial startups and consultancy firms with which they have partnered in the past.

The Haru Invest team always strives to be at the top of the market by providing easy-to-use services to all customers. They believe in keeping the basics of investment simple by promising equal profits to all their clients.

For more information, please visit:

Media contacts:

name – Oh Sang Eun

society Hull Invest

Email- [email protected]

position: Seoul, South Korea

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