Kentucky barn quilts show community pride, artists say

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Kentucky barn quilts show community pride, artists say

Melissa Drury has a basement studio at her home where she pours her “heart and soul” into her passion – colorful barn quilt squares that decorate the sides of buildings across rural Kentucky.

Drury, a painter based out of Lawrenceburg, has been making barn quilt blocks for about three years after being inspired by the paintings on barns near her home. Now her works can be seen on buildings across the country, all inspired by Kentucky’s original barn quilt trail movement.

Barn quilts are an artistic tradition for many in the commonwealth and can be as varied in color, pattern and symbolism as the families they represent. And the painted versions of traditional quilts, Kentucky Arts Council Executive Director Chris Cathers said, can bring communities together — they work together to create them, often in tandem with a cooperative extension office, and the finished products to proudly display a connection with culture and history.

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