kevin abosch on how blockchain technology is reshaping the art world at NFT ART DAY ZRH

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NFT ART DAY ZRHFirst edition

First edition NFT ART DAY ZRHFirst year NFT The Metaverse conference in Switzerland took place last Sunday, June 12, in the auditorium of the Kunsthaus Zurich. In an insightful afternoon talk, a leader in the field of digital art and the art market explored various topics related to NFTs within a wider area of ​​NFT history. Digital art.. One of the topics of this conference, entitled “On the Value of NFTs and Art” and moderated by Anika Meier, includes Kevin Abosh, Georg Bak, Sarah Friend (de facto participation), Leander Herzog, and others. We have gathered internationally acclaimed artists and experts. He was the one who discussed NFT as an art form, from concepts to photography to sculpture NFT artwork.

As a media partner of NFT ART DAY ZRHDesignboom brings you the best interviews and news from the first edition of the conference. Continue Our interview With the co-founder of the conference, Katharina De Vaivre and Georg Bak, Caught up with a conceptual crypto artist Kevin Abosh Discuss how blockchain technology is changing the world of art. Since 2013, CryptoArt pioneers have been using blockchain as a way to raise ontological questions and address sociological dilemmas. Abosch’s work has been exhibited in civil spaces around the world, including the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Gallery of Ireland, Ju de Pomme (Paris), the Museum of Contemporary Art Voivodina and Bogota. Hermitage Museum and Zentrum für Kunstund Medien (ZKM). Read the full conversation with the artist below.

All images are courtesy of NFTARTDAY ZRH, Photo © Shkelzen Konxheli, unless otherwise stated.

Header Image: SunSignals by Kevin Abosch (2021)

Interview with Kevin Abosch

designboom (DB): What is the focus of the NFT ART DAY ZRH talk? And what do you want your visitors to take away from the meeting?

Kevin Abosh (KA): Much of my work as an artist has the advent of blockchain technology and NFTs, as well as challenging traditional values. I look forward to comparing the notes and sharing some of my own discoveries.

DB: What made you interested in crypto art? Also, when did you first start using crypto art?

KA: I first started using blockchain as a method in late 2012. I like alphanumericals, and the idea of ​​generating a magical string of valuable letters and numbers led me into a hole in my quest. Ten years later, we are still finding new ways to tackle blockchain technology itself, not just as a carrier and distribution system, but as a real way.

Kevin Abosch on how blockchain technology is changing the world of art at NFT ART DAYZ RH
Kevin Abosch from NFT ART DAYZ RH

DB: Why do you think artists and collectors are heading for NFTs? Is there a negative side?

KA: For decades, artists and their collectors working natively in the digital realm have found friction in the process of transferring work from one management entity to another. NFTs have brought elegance to the process of changing the management of digital works. Some seem angry at what is characterized as a giant decentralized gambling game where people trade and bet on NFTs in the hope of profiting from the dynamics of the market. They further describe “pump and dump” scenarios and other forms of market manipulation, but I don’t think this is new to the art world — but with blockchain technology and crypto, it’s all amplified. increase.

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