‘La Jolla Seascapes’: Local photographer showcases her native home in 2022 calendar

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Ancolins offers her best shots on a new calendar that highlights the “wonderful” places where La Jolla grew up.

According to Collins, a 13-month calendar covering 2022 and January 2023 presents iconic locations along the coast of La Jolla.

Among them are photos of Black’s Beach, Windancey and Scrip Spear.

According to Collins, a shot of the Coast Walk Trail was taken after the storm. “The clouds were gorgeous, but the sun was out.”

For a calendar cover photo, Collins went to La Jolla Cove, saying, “The tide was pretty high, but when it was gone, some sand was showing up.”

Ann Collins says that La Jolla, where she grew up, is “very photogenic.”

(Roxyan Young)

Born and raised in La Jolla and now living in University City, Collins said he knows when to take the best shots based on his knowledge as a native La Jolla, tracking tides and weather.

The calendar shows federal, Christian, and Jewish holidays along with the full moon.

Collins designed the entire calendar. From using scenes shot in the corresponding seasons of the calendar to choosing the color of the adjustment bar for each month and choosing the size of the date square. It took her several months to complete.

“I am very grateful to the calendar designer now,” she said. “It was a lot more work than I expected.”

Nancy Warwick, owner of Warwick’s bookstore in La Jolla, suggested that Collins make a calendar.

Warwick employees also encouraged Collins to create the 2018 photo / history book La Jolla: The Jewels of the Sea.

Collins said it was “good because I didn’t go out and take pictures” to carry out the calendar project due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “It was a good motivation to take me there.”

She said most of the photos were taken between 2020 and 21.

Collins calls himself a “semi-professional photographer” and his work can be found in medical facilities, hotels, restaurants and homes around the world. “It’s very fun.”

During October Lens work The magazine featured a series of 10 photographs of Collins’ work called “Yosemite Waters”.

Her photos are also regularly posted on the Sierra Club calendar.

Anne Collins took months to design her 2022 calendar, she says.

Anne Collins took months to design her 2022 calendar, she says.

(Courtesy of Ancolins)

Collins said he was interested in photography from an early age. “My family always had instamatic cameras, so I used them.”

She then bought a 35mm camera and took pictures during the voyage, she said. The photo has been released.

Collins, an avid traveler, carried her camera with her while traveling, “I always went home with lots of slides,” she said.

“I love going where you can find beautiful nature and landscapes,” she added. “Our national park is just such a gift.”

She graduated from a digital camera in late 2006 and discovered that her skills as a photographer had improved. “I was able to see the results immediately, make adjustments and then retake the photo,” says Collins. “It was very nice.

“The more successful I am, the more confident I am in trying to sell and publish my work in different ways.”

She said La Jolla was “very photogenic.” From wildlife in the Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve to landscapes and seascapes, “there is a great deal of variety to take pictures.”

“I was very lucky to grow up here,” she said.

The “La Jolla Seascapes” 2022 calendar costs $ 18, Warwick’s 7812 Girard Ave. Or you can get it at. imagesbyanncollins.com. ◆◆

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