Lake Como Design Festival 2022 explores neo-nomadism

Lake Como Design Festival 2022 explores neo-nomadism

Lake Como Design Festival explores neo-nomadism

The latest edition of the Lake Como Design Festival (17 – 25 September 2022) is staged across historic venues in Como, and includes exhibitions and talks centered around the theme of nomadism, and how it has shaped culture and creativity.

While the world, with its industries and workers, with its inhabitants and desires, is undergoing a constant and perpetual change, we are experiencing a new movement called neo-nomadism. This concept reveals the physical and physiological movements and journeys we undertake every day. Some do it for work, love or pleasure, but moving is a constant part of our lives, of our thinking and creative process.

Lake Como Design Festival 2022 (17 – 25 September), the event’s fourth edition, focuses on the concept of neo-nomadism, exploring the movement of people between digital and real life through the lenses of the economic and climate crises, and examines how this migration processes affect the creative industry.

An exhibition by Galerie Philia at Casa Bianca

‘The theme seemed particularly interesting this year, also in light of all the changes taking place around us: nomadism has always identified human history and thanks to the movement of people, stratifications have been created that enable us to have such a deep and kaleidoscopic culture,’ says Lorenzo Butti, Lake Como Design Festival creator and artistic director. ‘We are now experimenting with new forms of nomadism that coexist with the more “traditional”, which are increasingly linked to economic inequalities between the different parts of the world and to climate change. The aim was to conduct a survey in art, design and creativity in general to understand how this new nomadism affects artistic expressions.’

Lake Como Design Festival 2022: the highlights

‘errant’, exhibition view

Taking place in the historic center of Como, this year’s edition offers a rich program of exhibitions, talks, installations and events. These include the collective exhibition ‘Erranti’, which showcases 20 international artists, curated by professor and writer Francesca Alfano Miglietti; ‘In search of lost time’, a collective project realized with Movimento Club; an installation at Casa Bianca, in collaboration with Galerie Philia; and a series of ‘refreshment design talks’ that will delve deeper into neo-nomadism – a program that gives its audience food for thought.

‘[Design is] a happy and rebellious journey,’ says Alfano Miglietti. ‘And a journey often shows us unpredictable and unexpected corners and sides. For me, design has always been an almost personal relationship with individual writers, a way to create other tissues and other rhizomes. [Philosopher] Gilles Deleuze wrote: “In a rhizome that you enter from any part, every point connects to any other, it is composed of moving directions, without outside and without end, only an inside from which it grows and overflows, without ever to depend on or derive from a unit; without subject or object.”‘

Selection of contemporary design at Museo Delle Scienze

Journalist Prashanth Cattaneo, curator of Como Design Festival’s speaking section, has put together a series of talks that explore neo-nomadism from different perspectives. However, one underlying question that characterizes this program is ‘whether it is possible to engage in a discussion about neo-nomadism that starts from those who remain; those who choose not to move from their place.’ The idea of ​​travel, stay and the creative process as a journey to undertake are just some of the themes that will be tackled in the program – which includes Studio Calvi Brambilla, Ivan Bargna, Studio Wok, Tommaso Melilli include. This extensive series of panel discussions will take place at the Portico del Broletto, Palazzo Broletto, while the festival expands to other nearby locations.

“Erranti” is the theme that runs through the exhibition, since wandering is the history of people, a history of movements, diversity and exchanges,” says Alfano Miglietti. “We ourselves are all crossroads, both biological and cultural.” It will be interesting to understand how this message is conveyed to the audience in Como: speaking of it, the curator adds: ‘I expect the works to become mechanisms of joy and authenticity, of poetry and reflection, but in reality do I know what will come to the public; the public is made up of different individuals. I hope the exhibition can stimulate the uniqueness that exists in anyone.’ This year’s Lake Como Design Festival is sure to leave us wandering and wondering.§

Movimento Club at Villa Gallia


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