Land05 and SKULL Park revitalize Prague

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Park site celebrating the Hussite revolution cakovice, now the northern suburb of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, was historically a lakeside resort town. During the First Czech Republic (1918-1938), the lake was drained and the land was turned into a village green. Since then, the area has changed several times: the houses on the shores of the original lake have been demolished, but the remains of their roof gables are still visible, until the recent reconstruction of the area in 2019-2020. This project redefines the park’s place in the community: previously, people did not stop at the park, but simply walked through it on the way to the train station.Local authorities invest in infrastructure parks part of everyday life in the community and make sure people love it.
Landscape Architecture Studio land 05Directed by Martina Forejtová, the transformation of the park was planned, while skull The studio was invited to participate in the design of the boundary wall on the south side of the park.The result is a sculptural architectural monument in brick relief entitled super power wall.
sculptor Maggie Hayek SKULL’s studio, which he founded in Prague in 2020 with photographer Bet Orten, as a laboratory where ideas, concepts, concepts and visions are given physical form, made of various objects, commented the walls “It’s a memento of something that no longer exists, but it still leaves its mark on place and time,” Reference is made to the brick walls of the old house that once stood on the site. The wall is constructed from conventional building materials, but is covered with a transparent photocatalytic nanotechnology coating that cleans the surrounding air. “Invisibility plays a dual role here. On the one hand is the nanotech coating, which relies on sunlight to function, and on the other is memory, fragments of memories that exist only in our imaginations. It’s not what we see that matters, but Exactly what we can’t see,” Hayek added.
Landscaping works include a new fountain It can also be used as a children’s pool by XTOPIX studio. Brick relief super power wall Also nearby is this new water feature, very popular with the park’s youngest visitors; its color and shape are reminiscent of the lake that was once the center of the site. 42 new apple trees have been planted, while new ornamental flower beds designed to bloom from early spring to fall complete the project. Benches invite passersby to stop and relax among the greenery, and the park is now finally seen as a place to engage with art and nature in the city.

Christian Berklein

Landscape Architect: Land05
Artist: Skull Studio
Water element: XTOPIX
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2021
Image: Bet Oten

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