Leaked shirt suggests Capitals’ Reverse Retro 2.0 design will be black Screaming Eagle jersey

Leaked shirt suggests Capitals’ Reverse Retro 2.0 design will be black Screaming Eagle jersey

After a successful launch in 2020, the NHL is teaming up with Adidas again to release version two of its Reverse Retro series this fall.

The Washington Capitals’ first RR design was based on SME Branding’s redesign of its logo in the mid-90s. The Capitals put its Screaming Eagle logo on a red jersey, combining design features old and new.

For RR 2.0, all signs point to the Washington Capitals returning to their former glory Screaglebut with a different color palette.

On Tuesday, Fanatics made an *oops* and posted “special edition” shirts that appear to feature teams’ new Reverse Retro designs and themes.

Sportslogos.net put together a collage of 27 of the 32 teams’ leaked tees.

The Capitals’ “special edition” shirt was black and featured the Screagle in powder blue Washington Capitals letters. The design combined colors from the team’s black Capitol Dome jersey and the Screagle home and away games. During the first Reverse Retro series, Fanatics-designed merchandise was designated “special edition” to distinguish it from official Adidas-manufactured Reverse Retro gear.

Back in April, professional designer and friend of the blog Lucas Daitchman tweeted that he had learned of the Capitals’ RR 2.0 design and posted a composite of what it might look like. While RMNB could not confirm, the Fanatics’ leak appears to further support Daitchman’s reporting of a black Screagle jersey.

The move makes a lot of sense. The Capitals had the best selling Reverse Retro jersey in 2020. The jerseys sold out online within minutes of their release on Shop.NHL.com. NHL players rated the draft as the fifth best in the NHL. In an RMNB poll, Capitals fans voted the Screaming Eagle as the most popular logo of the Alex Ovechkin era in DC.

The Capitals could have as many as five different jersey designs next season. Already locked into wearing their red home, white away, and blue W alts, the Capitals could also have a unique jersey for their February 2023 Stadium Series game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

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Please note: The header photo is a manipulated photo of a rookie-season Alex Ovechkin replica jersey.


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