Learning how to party again


For those who don’t remember, a party is a kind of intentional yet free-form social context created for the purpose of …

I don’t remember.

Oh, I’ve been to parties for the last two years. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, they have tended to fall to both ends of the new social spectrum. There is a brand-led micro-managed content mill where everything is photogenic, but nothing is beautiful. Without a phone or a customized cocktail, no one knows how to act. Their memory exists as an algorithmic social media strategy and will soon be drowned in the next sponsored event.

There is a more organic but similarly burdensome Speakeasy-style Bacchanalia, and as the night goes on, more and more Catholic vices begin to emerge from your pockets and back rooms. No one takes pictures, but we can’t even see each other’s eyes. Their memory exists as a story to tell to other parties — I saw his face on the drug, so I fell off the terrace and didn’t go home until some time in the morning.. The danger there is not in matter, but in anecdotes. The anecdote atrophies to a personality agent after reaching a certain repetitive level.

It’s a feeling that remains from the Delvaz party.

Jay Ezra Nayssan launched the Del Vaz Projects from his West Los Angeles apartment in 2014, curating an intimate exhibition that is an extension of his hospitality. “DelVaz” is an application of a Persian phrase that is roughly translated into “open hand” or “open heart” and is a supporter of various curator projects that intersect the themes of art with agriculture, education and home space. am. Since July 2020, Jay has been running Delvaz from his Spanish revival home in Santa Monica with his partner Max Goldstein.

Jay Ezra Naisan on the right will be welcoming guests at his gallery, the Dell Vaz Project, on February 15th in Santa Monica.

(Jason Almond / Los Angeles Times)

I met Max at the Venice Biennale in 2019.He offered me to install an IUD, and I almost choked on my Panna Alchocolat Before I knew he was a UCLA doctor. Since then, he has done IUD insertions for many female artists in Los Angeles (I’m going to meet Dr. Max, We say) While providing medical care to BIPOC and uninsured people as much as possible. The house was designed by Frank E. Bivens in 1929 and was a childhood home at the height of Shirley Temple’s career. A photo of Temple and his family playing in this property, casually called “casa Shirley,” is on display next to the paintings by Keith Boardwee and Michael Henry Hayden.

Inside, there is a studio space for visiting artists and a garden space for beekeeping, open-air baths and seasonal vegetable cultivation.There is a small greenhouse that doubles as Chisume Place a cooler box of Mateo’s ice cream popsicles in your room or home, or use it as an additional dining space for the opening of the Freeze Week exhibition “Shell,” like tonight. Jay and Max will host dinner at all exhibitions. Persian barbecue prepared by chef Fabian Alana: Coubide and chicken cabobs, grilled vegetables, shiraji salad, subji, scoop everything with lots of lavash, serve in a buffet style with disposable tableware, you can find a seat to eat anywhere I can do it.

Two men in the gallery look at the phone and two women talk and laugh in the background.

Guest of the gallery space of Del Vaz Projects.

(Jason Almond / Los Angeles Times)

The Temple’s bedroom will be an exhibition space occupied by the works of Olivia Erlanger and the late artists Nicola L and Heidi Bucher, proposing a home as a shell for dresses and andres, and such activities. increase. Nicola’s 1970s “clouds” hang from the back wall, with pictures of her arms and legs and a face sprouting from a canvas. You can step into it like a soft exoskeleton or a spiritual hazmat suit (art critic Pierre Restany describes these wearable paintings as “pénétrables “). Erlanger’s “Act I” (2022) is a dollhouse on a plexiglass globe with wallpaper eyelids, looking into one of Butcher’s “Body Shell” works. Since 1972, a film-like blouse has hardened into a shell on the opposite wall. It’s like an item that might have been scattered on the floor in the days of the Temple, and is now fixed to the wall like an insect that threatens to fly.

The pharmacist is a small office storefront on the outskirts of the main courtyard, with objects and absorbers created by friends and artists, or collected from backyard-grown flora and fauna. Del Vaz is currently operated as a 501 (c) (3), with Jay leading the exhibitions and publications, and Max responsible for the rationale and finances. “The pharmacist is really the place where we meet in the middle,” Jay tells me.

A group of three women talk with a smile

Party attendees gather in the courtyard of the Delva’s Project for the opening of the “Shell”.

(Jason Almond / Los Angeles Times)

This evening, a handmade tablecloth by artist Piero Golia is next to a bottle of herbal anti-inflammatory ointment created by Dr. Max and is held with beeswax made from honey on the premises. .. This night, someone is stabbed by a branch of a cherry tree.

There is a chicken co-op painted in pink and green to match the Beverly Hills Hotel. Inside the hut are egg-laying chickens (Cranky, Farah Diva, Joojeh, etc.) that can be purchased for half a dozen. The proceeds will go to programming, including educational visits for elementary school students. During last spring’s visit, the Hidden Jewels Children received a baby chick from a green plexiglass incubator in a black pearly coffin as part of his solo exhibition “Born in the Mausoleum.” I saw it hatch. In the spring of 2021.

Two women see a sculpture on the wall

Guests will see the artwork at the exhibition’s preview party and enjoy dinner at Del Vaz Projects.

(Jason Almond / Los Angeles Times)

What i remember That Supper opened an unfamiliar door and wanted to find a bathroom, instead finding Dr. Max casually running a fetal Doppler on the belly of a pregnant guest. Roses and saffron with pink and yellow stripes. I sat down and talked about the baby’s heartbeat.

Of all the parties I’ve been to, I’ll never forget that photo. It shows the unconscious ease in which Jay and Max appear to be addressing new but unmet needs for social impact, based on an unlikely combination of glamor and care. I said I was thinking of taking out my IUD, and Max offered to get rid of it after dinner (I declined so far).

Born at the Hooper Schneider show, ducks and chicks occupy an additional table and chairs this week, as well as a hut and yard crammed with a second buffet for the opening of the “Shell.” The oversized guest list is due to the concentration of art people (which we can’t think of any more) landing in Los Angeles for the Freeze Art Fair this weekend in and around the Beverly Hilton. ..

Garden and house with string lights

Del Vaz Projects, an art gallery in Santa Monica.

(Jason Almond / Los Angeles Times)

Max jumped behind the buffet so he could serve everyone. Jay joins artist Lukas Geronimas to DJ after dinner, smoothing out what’s usually done as an ad hoc dance party, tipsy guests fighting for Aux code, and they’re too cheeky to dance and watch ginger ale on the barbecue. Couldn’t.

All three artists in “Shell” permeate the boundaries of themes such as skin and shells, body and home, clothing and skin. By putting them together here, not only the gallery inside the house, but also the spirit of Del Vaz, who has always been a house, is firmly established.


where: Del Vaz Projects, 25919th Street. Santa Monica, California 90402
when: Thursday 12-4PM or reservation required
contact address: 310-999-3060, [email protected]
Until April 16th.


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