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LEGO Art Elvis Presley “The King” (31204) Revealed


There is an official image of the new LEGO Art Elvis Presley “The King” (31204) set from the LEGO Building Instructions app. Scheduled to go on sale March 1, the retail price is $ 119.99 for 3,445 pieces. There are three iconic Elvis Presley looks that you can combine to create different portraits, but they are not visible in LEGO.

Enjoy and remember the relaxing project. With this LEGO® art set, you can create three detailed portraits of the undisputed “King of Rock” Androl himself, Elvis Presley. Listen to the soundtrack that brings you more focus and a passion for music and creative design. Would you like another challenge? Then combine the three of these sets to create the ultimate Elvis portrait.

• Choose from three portraits: Discover different faces of the icon when creating the LEGO® ArtElvis Presley – The King Wall Art Set (31204). This offers three different options.
• Hanging Portraits: This 3,445-piece LEGO® set includes 9 wall decorative plates, Elvis Presley-signed tiles, 2 hangers, dividers and LEGO brick frames.
• For Elvis Presley fans, pay homage to “King of Rock” and “Roll” in LEGO® portraits depicting legendary artists at various points in his meteor career.
• Unleash the creative side: The soundtrack helps you switch off and relax, allowing you to fully focus on the unexpected details of this art project.
• Pursue your passion: Do you want to be more creative?Then combine three of these sets to create the ultimate portrait of Elvis Presley for the living room or office.
• Great gift idea: This square LEGO® art portrait is 40 cm long and 40 cm wide and can be hung or erected.But you can also give it to fans who love Elvis Presley’s music.
• Illustrated build procedure: The illustrated book contains the build instructions that accompany you throughout the build project.Let yourself be the secret of the legendary all-rounder before you start building
• Adult Building Project: Celebrate pop culture icons with the LEGO® art set for adults.Enter the world of artists and entertainers and survive your passion for creative art and great design.


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