Letter: Story about the Crookston mural gave me a good chuckle

by AryanArtnews
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It’s good to read articles from time to time and make a good laugh. It happened while reading about a conference at the University of Minnesota Crookston discussing historic mural paintings in the UMC Auditorium. I had to laugh at reading how the “Talking Circle Meeting” was run by the “Certified Circle Keeper”, but the press said about taking pictures at a public meeting held in a public place. “Advice”!

I’m not going to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of murals. It should be left to the Crookston community (not some UMC staff).

Below is the history of the Federal Art Project on the Art Story Foundation site (www.theartstory.org).

“The Works Progress Administration’s (WPA) Government-funded Federal Art Project (FAP) has hired hundreds of artists during its operating period (1934-1943), with over 100,000 paintings and murals, and over 18,000. The sculptures were co-created in buildings, schools and hospitals in all cities of 48 states. In addition, nearly 100 community art centers nationwide provided art classes to children and developing artists. FAP It was part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s new contract during the Great Crisis. He sought to get as many unemployed Americans back to work and boost the morale of their citizens.th The greatest visual artist of the century has been hired by FAP. “

Finally, after reading the complaints about the composition of the mural, the reader read “The Justice of Pain: The Westward Movement by John Steuart Curry” in the same project that decorates the walls of Robert F. Kennedyville of the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC. “. Check out the people depicted in Curry’s paintings! This picture can be found on the Library of Congress website at www.loc.gov/item/2010720162. Those who are dissatisfied with the UMC mural should hold a “Talking Circle Conference” about this painting.

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Mike Connor lives in Devils Lake, North Dakota

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