Lexar Launches New Professional SDXC Memory Card For Digital Cameras

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Lexar, a leading memory card brand, has announced a series of flash memory cards for professional photographers. The new Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II Card GOLD series is marketed as the perfect memory solution for professional photographers and videographers who need to dramatically improve their workflow from start to finish.

With a read speed of 270MB / sec, the Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II Card GOLD series is ideal for use with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, significantly speeding up the workflow of professional photographers and saving time. , You can go back behind the camera. Instead of sitting in front of your computer and messing with your thumb while waiting for images to be transferred from your memory card to your hard drive, create more content.

Built using the latest UHS-II technology and with a write speed of up to 180MB / sec, this new class of memory card is a sports, press and wildlife photography that needs to be taken in continuous burst mode. Great for home. And for video, using V60 and UHS Speed ​​Class 3 (U3), the Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II Card GOLD Series can seamlessly capture Full HD and 4K video footage with card capacities up to 256GB. ..

Lexar claims that the Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II Card GOLD series provides the level of performance needed to capture and store valuable data under a variety of conditions. For example, the 1800x card is waterproof, heat resistant, impact resistant, vibration resistant, and X-ray resistant. This means that old airport security scanners do not risk wiping out valuable shots and footage. The card is also backward compatible with UHS-I devices and runs up to the maximum threshold of the UHS-I speed feature.

Price and availability: The Lexar Professional 1800x SDXC UHS-II Card GOLD series ships this month and is available online from Adorama and B & H at suggested retail prices of $ 36.99 (64GB), $ 56.99 (128GB), and $ 109.99 (256GB).

More information: www.lexar.com

Main functions:

  • Fast Performance – Rated UHS Speed ​​Class 3 (U3) and Video Speed ​​Class 60 (V60) for professional DSLRs and mirrorless cameras
  • Leverage UHS-II technology with read speeds up to 270MB / sec
  • Capture high quality images and extended length Full HD and 4K video with write speeds up to 180MB / s
  • Durable design
  • Backward compatibility with UHS-I devices
  • Limited lifetime warranty


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